Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The time I cried in the grocery store...

Have you ever read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?  

Today is my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

It really started out yesterday.  I am supposed to hear back about my interview either yesterday or today, and I haven't heard anything yet.

This morning, Bech and I decided to walk down the street with Jack to a local breakfast place.  We walked outside and I went to grab the stroller.  And it wasn't there.  In the night someone came and took it.  To be fair, I left it in the side yard next to the trash can.  So I think someone was thinking/hoping that we were giving it away.  But they took it in the night (sometime between 8 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.) that's kind of sketchy.  

Not only am I bummed because something was taken, but we have been using the heck out of that stroller.  Bellefonte is a walking town, so Jack and I have gone on a walk almost every day.

Then Jack and I headed to the grocery store.  I knew it would be bad.  Shopping with Jack is miserable right now.  He is so stubborn and he does NOT want to be in the cart.  We went inside, went to produce, and all hell broke loose.  Jack was screaming and crying.  I gave him his little spill proof bowl with goldfish inside and he threw it, spilling goldfish all over the floor.  

I bent over to clean it up and the tears just came.  So Jack is crying and I'm crying.  And a sweet lady stopped to make sure I was okay and was trying to reassure me that everybody's child does this at some point.

Now, it's kind of hilarious.  I mean, I was picking out bacon with tears streaming down my face.  But in the moment, it was seriously the most embarrassing situation I had ever been in.

Things have calmed down now.  I made it through the store while holding Jack, made a new friend, and got Jack home and down for a nap.  I made a potato salad for a potluck tonight (where we'll meet new friends...yay!) and made a hot cocoa to calm down.  

Let's just hope the Wegman's staff doesn't remember me next time I come...!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We're Here!

We're here!  Yay!  (and with internet, no less!)

After 7 days with our families and 3 1/2 days of traveling, we arrived in Pennsylvania Saturday afternoon.  Now, Thursday, we have almost everything unpacked and the internet guy came this morning.

The drive up was not too bad at all.  My sister was in my car so she helped me with Jack.  And Jack did AMAZING.  Seriously.  He had a few bad moments (and the 3 1/2 hour ride from DC to Bellefonte on Saturday was rough, but partially cause it was just Jack and I in the car then), but overall he was great.    

Now we are getting settled.  We have taken many walks around our cute town.  I put on instagram a post about how our town is just like Stars Hollow.  And I was only half kidding...

Don't you expect Taylor to lead a reenactment out here on the green?  

This is Talleyrand park, complete with a gazebo, historical trains (Jack is in heaven!), a playground, a river running through it, and ducks and trout to feed.  There are tons of little shops and restaurants around town.  And I have gone into several and asked for take out menus.  We never order take out!  But I guess now that I'm here, I suddenly feel like I am Lorelai Gilmore, looking for Luke's Diner.

Our house is wonderful.  It is huge, which was not intentional.  We had actually never been in it until Saturday.  But we love it.  It is super clean.  The kitchen has fairly new (like maybe a year old?) cabinets that were custom built by the Amish.  We all love it, especially Jack.  When we are completely unpacked, I will put pictures up.

Tomorrow morning I have a job interview!  I have already had a phone interview, and I am really interested in this job.  It sounds like something right up my alley.  So please pray/think of me tomorrow morning.

I have a feeling I am going to love my two years in Pennsylvania.  It is a gorgeous state, especially the area we are in.  We are nestled in the mountains, surrounded by lots of little rural communities (but still close to a Target!).  The nights are already chilly here, and I know that fall is right around the corner.  Y'all better be ready for tons of fall themed posts!