Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jack's 4th Birthday

Jack turned 4 this past June!

We were actually in Mississippi with my family on his birthday, so we celebrated down there.  And then we had a birthday party in State College with his friends when we got back.  I'm pretty sure he enjoyed getting to celebrate twice (plus he got presents from Bech's parents, so really three times!).

After church, we headed to my Nana and Papa's house for a lunch for the summer birthdays (Jack, my mom, my dad, and me).  Can you tell he's excited?

Jack is currently obsessed with ALL things Star Wars.  Check out this storm trooper gift bag!

He also loves super heroes.  This hulk outfit is hilarious.

He also got tons of Star Wars legos, which made him so happy!

When my Nana asked him what kind of cake he wanted (meaning chocolate, vanilla, etc.), he said, "Star Wars!"  So my sweet Nana made him a Star Wars cake.  It's good to be Jack.

So excited!

Jack LOVES Spider-Man, so the whole family joined in on the fun!

A couple of weeks after his birthday, we had a little party for Jack at a local park.  We tried to keep it low key.  I love looking at elaborate parties on pinterest, but the idea of throwing one (especially right before a move) was stressing me out.  This party was super low key, but it made Jack so happy!

And, of course, it was Star Wars themed!

Side note, for months, we had been talking about a Peter Pan party.  I was actually going to serve Mexican food and have piƱata and call it a Pedro Pan party...cute, right?  But a month ago, Jack changed his mind and said he really wanted a Star Wars party.  I was a little sad to not get to do a Peter Pan party, but, hey, I'm not the birthday boy!

Decorations?  Dollar store balloons and every piece of Star Wars paraphernalia we own.

Sandwiches (in some of Bech's pottery), hummus and veggies, and Star Wars plates and napkins.

Baba ganoush (it was supposed to be Bobba Fet Ganoush but I forgot to make name cards for the food) and Obi Wan Kabobies.

As a friend commented on facebook, he's not a baby anymore.  It's like his face lost that baby roundness overnight!

He's getting to be quite the pro at this candle business.

Preston, Jack's best frenemy

Oliver, the cutest redhead I know!

This little guy was one of Jack's first State College friends.  This picture perfectly sums up his personality.  Isn't he the cutest?

Jack agrees!

My sweet little birthday boy.

It was a great party, low key, casual, and fun.  We had a couple of boys (and one sweet girl, bless her heart), and they ran, played, and ate to their hearts content! 

Happy Birthday, Jackie Boy!  We love you!