Thursday, May 26, 2011

At the request of my mother, here is a picture. In which I look like a hot mess. Oh well.

In other news, things are almost ready for Jack. Bech and I have both been cleaning up a ton. Jack's bedding will come in probably early next week, and then his room will be done!

We recently made a fun purchase, a DSLR camera. Bech needs to take pictures of his pottery for his grad school portfolio, and so we have been talking about getting a nice camera for a while. But they are SO expensive! The other day a man Bech met through work gave Bech some almost new snow tires that don't fit our truck. Bech sold them on craigslist, and we suddenly had a good fraction of the cost of a new camera! So we ordered the Nikon D3100 yesterday online. We went back and forth between this one and the Canon EOS Rebel T3. And if you have the Canon and love it more, please don't tell me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

37 weeks!

*** I don't have a picture of myself again this week. I have been able to veg out the last couple of days and have just been wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. But here is a picture of what I feel like! ***

How far along: 37 weeks and 3 days

Baby Size: 19 inches, 6.25 pounds

Maternity clothes: Why do even keep this question on here? Pretty much everything, or if its not, its just because its a pretty stretchy material.

Sleep: Eh...Sunday night was not good! But the past two nights have been great. The good part about not sleeping is I use that time to pray for any and everything. And I was awake for a long time Sunday night, so lots of people got prayed for. So if you have anything pressing you would like to tell me about, I can add it to my list!

Best moment this week: Last week I had two showers. One was a little library shower hosted by the lovely ladies of InterLibrary Loan. I love all of the ladies that work in the library--they are wonderful! And they gave me an Amazon gift card, so I was able to buy several things that we still need from our registry.

Then, Saturday, I had a church shower, which was wonderful as well. And we got a pack and play! It has a bassinet feature as well as a changing pad attachment, and I love it! I have already set it up, played with it, and taken it down. I said I wasn't going to use one for a normal use, just because it's not like our apartment is huge--we can walk upstairs really easily. But now I want to use our new pack and play all of the time!

Food cravings: anything cold. Also, I have been craving this sherbet drink thing. It's something Katy learned about (perhaps created...I'm not sure) one summer. You put orange sherbet in the blender with some ginger ale then mix it up. It is really simple, but really really good. And I finally got some sherbet and ginger-ale yesterday. I am now a happy camper!

What I miss: being able to go more than 30 minutes without going to the bathroom!

What I'm looking forward to: my parents coming in 2 1/2 weeks.

Milestones: Jack is full term!

Pregnancy symptoms: heartburn, tingly feet, swollen feet and hands, backaches!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I love right now...

Because I have nothing better to post...

1. I am loving that "Numbers" is now on Netflix watch instantly. I LOVE this show. And yes, one of the main characters is Bernard from "The Santa Clause," which makes it even better!

2. I am loving that next Monday night we have our newborn care class, where they will teach me how to use my new Moby sling (which I haven't even taken out of the bag yet because I have NO idea what to do with it!).

3. I am loving Ben & Jerry's right now. Normally, I am kinda down on them, because they don't have the flavors I like (bubblegum, birthday cake--you know, the flavors 5 year olds like!). But they have a new thing called a mash-up--which is like a Blizzard but less ice cream and WAY better.

4. I am loving the new winner of America's Next Top Model! Actually, I haven't been super crazy about her, or really about any of the contestants this cycle. But I liked her a whole lot more than Molly. Plus, she really does take amazing pictures, and she has a different look than any of the other winners.

5. I am loving the exercise ball I got from Wal-Mart the other day. They suggested getting one in our birth class, and I really am way more comfortable sitting on it. But not as comfortable as this lady obviously is...

6. I am loving "On Becoming Babywise." I have heard some really positive and some really negative things about this book. But I really like it so far. Obviously, I have not been able to put it into practice. If you know nothing about this book, basically it's a method for setting a feeding/waketime/sleeping schedule for your baby. But it really is very flexible. We are definitely going to be putting this into practice!

7. I am loving that my parents will be here in 3 weeks and 2 days!!!

8. I am loving that it is in the 70's in Vermont now! Of course, it is raining every day, but I will take what I can get.

9. I am loving that Bech cleaned out all of his junk from Jack's room and just finished painting the dresser. So tonight I can put all Jack's freshly washed clothes up, and we can start getting everything together!

10. I am loving that I found this video online:

This song was on a Disney Sing-Along that we had when I was little, and for some reason I started thinking about it the other day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

36 weeks

*** I don't have a picture of myself this week. It is really rainy here, so I haven't really tried to do anything with my hair. So I have not been looking very good most days. But I googled 36 week pregnant, and found this image. I guess this is what Jack looks like right about now? ***

How far along: 36 weeks and 2 days

Baby Size: 18.5 inches, 5.75 pounds

Maternity clothes: Almost everything. And it's been a lot warmer, so I have been able to get all of my summer things out. Hopefully I can wear some of those things soon!

Sleep: It's been okay. Plus, I am done with school, so I can take some naps if I want to.

Best moment this week: "Nesting"--I have been kicking it in gear to get everything ready for Jack. All of his diapers are washed, and I sized (based on the average newborn ish size) his FuzziBunz. Bech cleaned up all of the stuff in the nursery and is almost done with the dresser. So, except for his bedding, Jack's nursery is really close to being done!

Food cravings: Diet Dr. Pepper, anything cold

What I miss: being able to bend over. I am even having trouble putting on shoes...thank goodness for flip flops!

What I'm looking forward to: this Saturday, I have a church baby shower!

Milestones: less than a week until Jack is full-term!

Pregnancy symptoms: heartburn, going to the bathroom all the dang time, um, a massive belly!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby Gear

EDIT: So apparently blogger malfunctioned. It saved my post, but had it as "scheduled." Not sure if I'll be able to save the comments though :(

First of all, I want to just say that my mom suggested this post. I think that's hilarious. But I also think it's a great idea. So what I wanted to ask y'all what baby gear you loved, what baby gear you think is absolutely necessary, and what baby gear is just a total waste?

Here's a couple of things we already have:

The Little Lamb Cradle Swing. I just got this last weekend off of craigslist. I figured if I bought it used for a good price, then I could just sell it as soon as Jack outgrows it.

Moby Wrap. We got this at our baby shower. I haven't pulled it out of the package yet--it looks very confusing! But everyone says that it is great, and I am excited to use it. At our newborn care class, they are going to teach us how to use it.

My mom bought us one of these, plus we were given a Wub-a-Nub brand as well (plus we have a few other pacificiers).

We don't have this, but Bech is kind of in love with it. And since he really doesn't have an opinion about most baby things, we might get this. Anyone have it? Anyone heard anything about it?

Here are a few things I would love an opinion about:

Wipe warmer--we are using cloth wipes, so I have been looking at the Lionheart cloth wipe warmer.

Gentle Giraffe sound machine--has good reviews, looks cute.

Medela In-Style--this is the pump I'm looking at right now, but I feel like there are so many other options and I don't much about any of them!

Also, like I said, please comment and tell me what you loved/didn't love!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

35 weeks

I need to add a disclaimer to this picture--um, I hate it! I look like a hot mess, and yes, it was taken in an alleyway at grad student housing. So it looks way sketch. Oh well...I know that I will want to see these pictures someday, so I will just deal.

How far along: 35 weeks and 3 days

Baby Size: 18 inches, 5.25 pounds

Maternity clothes: Almost everything.

Sleep: It has been wonderful lately! I am very thankful.

Best moment this week: making progress on Jack's nursery. Bech is painting his dresser, and it's almost done. As soon as it's done, we can move it upstairs, put all of his freshly washed clothes in it, and organize everything else!

Food cravings: Diet Dr. Pepper, anything cold

What I miss: my family and crawfish boils. Which are both things I can still have while pregnant, but they aren't in Vermont!

What I'm looking forward to: My parents and Blaise and Ansley come one month from today!!!

Milestones: less than 2 weeks until he is full-term!

Pregnancy symptoms: heartburn, going to the bathroom all the dang time, um, a massive belly!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I have been a bad blogger yet again. But yet again, I feel like graduate school is a great excuse. But I am now completely done with classes, and halfway through exams! This past week, I turned in a final paper (12 pages!), a take home Greek exam, and took two exams, a sight Greek exam and a regular Greek exam. All I have left is a take home Greek composition exam (which is exactly what it sounds like--writing in Greek! AHHH!), a performance of Medea (which is not a big deal, he just wants participation), and a sight Latin exam. Then I will be done!

And then I will be able to kick it in gear to get everything ready for Jack! He could be here in 2 or 3 weeks (although I'm hoping for 4 weeks!). We had a shower last Saturday, and we got so many wonderful things! We also have another shower coming up in two weeks, so that will be fun too. I have been checking lists online to see what exactly we still need to have before he gets here, and its not much. And I found the swing I want listed on craigslist for half the price, so I am going by to pick that up today...yay!

We had our 34 week appointment yesterday (although I'm almost 35 weeks), and everything was fine. I did have to see a guy doctor this time, and he was super awkward. We see the residents, and some of them are still working on their patient skills. He was a great example! But my stomach is measuring right on schedule (contrary to my mothers facebook post!) and Jack seems to be head down as of now. I have another appointment in 2 weeks, and then I start going every week. And my family gets here 1 month and 4 days from now!!!

Alright, so this has been the most boring post ever. I apologize. Off to do more homework...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

34 weeks!

How far along: 34 weeks (look who actually did those on the right day for once!)

Baby Size: 18 inches, 4.75 pounds

Maternity clothes: Actually this dress isn't, but most everything else is.

Sleep: Eh, not bad. It's actually been warm(er) lately, so we've been able to sleep with the windows down which is really nice.

Best moment this week: My first baby shower! Some classics people threw me a shower yesterday, and it was wonderful! Jack got lots of fun presents that I am so excited about!

Food cravings: Diet Dr. Pepper, anything cold

What I miss: my family :(

What I'm looking forward to: The last day of classes is this Wednesday, and then I won't have to lug my backpack around each day!

Milestones: 3 weeks until he is full-term!

Pregnancy symptoms: heartburn, leg cramps, having to go to the bathroom ALL OF THE TIME!