Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby Gear

EDIT: So apparently blogger malfunctioned. It saved my post, but had it as "scheduled." Not sure if I'll be able to save the comments though :(

First of all, I want to just say that my mom suggested this post. I think that's hilarious. But I also think it's a great idea. So what I wanted to ask y'all what baby gear you loved, what baby gear you think is absolutely necessary, and what baby gear is just a total waste?

Here's a couple of things we already have:

The Little Lamb Cradle Swing. I just got this last weekend off of craigslist. I figured if I bought it used for a good price, then I could just sell it as soon as Jack outgrows it.

Moby Wrap. We got this at our baby shower. I haven't pulled it out of the package yet--it looks very confusing! But everyone says that it is great, and I am excited to use it. At our newborn care class, they are going to teach us how to use it.

My mom bought us one of these, plus we were given a Wub-a-Nub brand as well (plus we have a few other pacificiers).

We don't have this, but Bech is kind of in love with it. And since he really doesn't have an opinion about most baby things, we might get this. Anyone have it? Anyone heard anything about it?

Here are a few things I would love an opinion about:

Wipe warmer--we are using cloth wipes, so I have been looking at the Lionheart cloth wipe warmer.

Gentle Giraffe sound machine--has good reviews, looks cute.

Medela In-Style--this is the pump I'm looking at right now, but I feel like there are so many other options and I don't much about any of them!

Also, like I said, please comment and tell me what you loved/didn't love!


Fran said...

I'm pretty much in love with the Baby Bjorn babysitter, too, but I wonder if it's worth the expense. Let me know if you get it!

The Sherrill Family said...

I think it totally depends on what Jack's going to be like as a baby. I have known parents who go out the 2nd night of being home to buy a cradle swing because that's the only way they can get their child to calm down and sleep. Other kids hate swings and scream the entire time they are in them. Same goes for vibrating chairs, etc.

Some kids don't take paci's, others do. Some have a big preference over what type. Ruthie will only use one type, while her friend uses another. I'm not familiar enough with those paci animals to know if they are all the same type of paci or not.

I hear Moby wraps are awesome with a newborn. I didn't have one, so don't know from personal experience. I do love my Ergo as Ruthie has gotten bigger. We used the Bjorn at first and that was great for when she was little and then when she wanted to face outward.

Wipe warmers - some people swear by then - but I never had one and was fine.

No idea about gentle giraffe, but we ended up getting a sound machine and it's been a lifesaver. I even take it with us when we travel. I'd totally recommend something.

I had 2 Medela pumps. They both worked great, although I preferred the 12 v vs. the 10 v. It had a tiny bit more power. I was looking on Amazon to see if I could tell which one it was, but I can't. I did like my "back pack one" more. I'm a big fan of the Medela pumps and the Lansinoh milk storage bags (because you can lie these flat for storage and so the frozen milk is thinner). Don't forget some lanolin!

Of course, these are my 2 cents... so take them or leave them.

I'm getting very excited for you and Bech!


The Yartym's said...

Each baby is different, so I can only tell you what worked and didn't with Paige, but here is my experience.

The little Lamb cradle swing is a lifesaver. We have the exact same one and Paige LOVED it. In fact, for about a month it was the only place she would nap. It has several swinging modes and music settings, which is nice too. It is also easy to clean when they spit up on it (or have a blowout like Paige did once)

I didn't use a wrap with Paige, but plan on using the Moby wrap with Presley. I feel like it is a really really good one.

Paige only tok Nuk brand pacifiers. At our hospital they gave you Soothie brand, and they were just too big for her. She still loves her Nuk pacis.

We don't have that exact bouncy seat, but we do have one, and I loved using it to be able to take from room to room. If I needed to get a shower, I could bring the bouncy seat into the bathroom and she could be right there playing while I grabbed a quick shower.

We bought a wipe warmer to use with Paige and only used it about a week. After that we continued to put the wipes into the container, we just never plugged it in and turned it on. I felt like the wipes were a little too warm and that they were either too dry or too moist. Maybe I gave up on it too early, but I just never felt like the moisture levels were right. Paige was never upset about a cool wipe on her bum.

As for the pump, I might suggest seeing if your hospital has a pump rental program. They pipes and everything are brand new, it is just the actual pump system itself that is rented, but it saved us a ton of money. I wanted to purchase a pump and we decided to rent instead. Paige couldn't breastfeed so I pumped for a few weeks before my milk supply eventually ran out. I'm glad we hadn't made the investment until we knew 100% if it would work or not.

Hope this helps! And seriously, this is what worked and didn't for us, but everyone is different!

Sheryl said...

I don't know about that particular bouncy seat, but I absolutely loved having one. Personally I didn't want a wipe warmer. My sister had one, but I don't think she used it all the time. I didn't have one and the boys never seemed to notice that the wipes were room temperature, not warm. That is just my opinion, some people may love them. I am almost positive Ashley had a medela pump and liked it.

If it were me, I would go for the Giraffe over the wipe warmer! But that is just me.

Joey said...

Pacimals are wonderful. A close friend of mine has a son who LOVED his. Plus, you can strap the pacimal into strollers and other carriers when Jack is bigger so it doesn't fall out :)

mylittlejoys said...

Hey girl! The swing is going to be a life saver! We used it all the time with both of my babies. I have a wipe warmer but never used it. I don't know if it is the one that we bought or what but just as soon as you take them out of the warmer they gets cold. Let me know for future reference if the one you get works! I used the Medela brand pump and loved it!