Wednesday, May 25, 2011

37 weeks!

*** I don't have a picture of myself again this week. I have been able to veg out the last couple of days and have just been wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. But here is a picture of what I feel like! ***

How far along: 37 weeks and 3 days

Baby Size: 19 inches, 6.25 pounds

Maternity clothes: Why do even keep this question on here? Pretty much everything, or if its not, its just because its a pretty stretchy material.

Sleep: Eh...Sunday night was not good! But the past two nights have been great. The good part about not sleeping is I use that time to pray for any and everything. And I was awake for a long time Sunday night, so lots of people got prayed for. So if you have anything pressing you would like to tell me about, I can add it to my list!

Best moment this week: Last week I had two showers. One was a little library shower hosted by the lovely ladies of InterLibrary Loan. I love all of the ladies that work in the library--they are wonderful! And they gave me an Amazon gift card, so I was able to buy several things that we still need from our registry.

Then, Saturday, I had a church shower, which was wonderful as well. And we got a pack and play! It has a bassinet feature as well as a changing pad attachment, and I love it! I have already set it up, played with it, and taken it down. I said I wasn't going to use one for a normal use, just because it's not like our apartment is huge--we can walk upstairs really easily. But now I want to use our new pack and play all of the time!

Food cravings: anything cold. Also, I have been craving this sherbet drink thing. It's something Katy learned about (perhaps created...I'm not sure) one summer. You put orange sherbet in the blender with some ginger ale then mix it up. It is really simple, but really really good. And I finally got some sherbet and ginger-ale yesterday. I am now a happy camper!

What I miss: being able to go more than 30 minutes without going to the bathroom!

What I'm looking forward to: my parents coming in 2 1/2 weeks.

Milestones: Jack is full term!

Pregnancy symptoms: heartburn, tingly feet, swollen feet and hands, backaches!

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