Thursday, May 26, 2011

At the request of my mother, here is a picture. In which I look like a hot mess. Oh well.

In other news, things are almost ready for Jack. Bech and I have both been cleaning up a ton. Jack's bedding will come in probably early next week, and then his room will be done!

We recently made a fun purchase, a DSLR camera. Bech needs to take pictures of his pottery for his grad school portfolio, and so we have been talking about getting a nice camera for a while. But they are SO expensive! The other day a man Bech met through work gave Bech some almost new snow tires that don't fit our truck. Bech sold them on craigslist, and we suddenly had a good fraction of the cost of a new camera! So we ordered the Nikon D3100 yesterday online. We went back and forth between this one and the Canon EOS Rebel T3. And if you have the Canon and love it more, please don't tell me!


Casey said...

You look great! Oooh, I can't wait to see little Jack! :)

I have a Nikon D90 and it's great! All I shoot with is Nikon. :)

Holly said...

Yay!! I have the D40 and love it!!