Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I love right now...

Because I have nothing better to post...

1. I am loving that "Numbers" is now on Netflix watch instantly. I LOVE this show. And yes, one of the main characters is Bernard from "The Santa Clause," which makes it even better!

2. I am loving that next Monday night we have our newborn care class, where they will teach me how to use my new Moby sling (which I haven't even taken out of the bag yet because I have NO idea what to do with it!).

3. I am loving Ben & Jerry's right now. Normally, I am kinda down on them, because they don't have the flavors I like (bubblegum, birthday cake--you know, the flavors 5 year olds like!). But they have a new thing called a mash-up--which is like a Blizzard but less ice cream and WAY better.

4. I am loving the new winner of America's Next Top Model! Actually, I haven't been super crazy about her, or really about any of the contestants this cycle. But I liked her a whole lot more than Molly. Plus, she really does take amazing pictures, and she has a different look than any of the other winners.

5. I am loving the exercise ball I got from Wal-Mart the other day. They suggested getting one in our birth class, and I really am way more comfortable sitting on it. But not as comfortable as this lady obviously is...

6. I am loving "On Becoming Babywise." I have heard some really positive and some really negative things about this book. But I really like it so far. Obviously, I have not been able to put it into practice. If you know nothing about this book, basically it's a method for setting a feeding/waketime/sleeping schedule for your baby. But it really is very flexible. We are definitely going to be putting this into practice!

7. I am loving that my parents will be here in 3 weeks and 2 days!!!

8. I am loving that it is in the 70's in Vermont now! Of course, it is raining every day, but I will take what I can get.

9. I am loving that Bech cleaned out all of his junk from Jack's room and just finished painting the dresser. So tonight I can put all Jack's freshly washed clothes up, and we can start getting everything together!

10. I am loving that I found this video online:

This song was on a Disney Sing-Along that we had when I was little, and for some reason I started thinking about it the other day.

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The Yartym's said...

Marley, I have to tell you we are a HUGE babywise family! I love this book and it helped us so much with Paige. I can definitely tell a babywise baby from a non babywise one. I am always hesitant to recommend to friends because it is so controversial, but we have gone on to get both toddlerwise books and preschool wise as well. they really are lifesavers. there is also a babywise blog you can read, that has helped as a supplement to the book for me. I was just telling Matt I will need to do a refresher read of the book before Presley gets here. It is not always the easiest things to do, but I promise you, bech and jack will all be much more sane for having put it into practice!