Monday, June 22, 2015

Gil at 9 Months

Baby Gil is 9 months old!

***I am posting this late, but the picture and the information are all from that time.***

Based off of his weight at 8 months, I would say Gil weighs a little over 17 lbs right now.  He is close to outgrowing his 9 month footie pajamas, but other than that, he can wear most 9 month clothes.  He is still wearing size 3 disposables and his cloth diapers are set pretty small.  He is just a little guy!

Sleep this month was awful!  That's not totally fair.  Before we went on our trip, it was good.  He would cry maybe once at night, but he could usually go from his dream feed until morning.  But then on our 3 weeks trip---whew, it was bad!  He woke up every 2 to 3 hours almost every night.  I think part of it is sleeping in the room with us and part of it had to be the pack and play (that thing is not that soft or comfortable!).  And we also didn't feel comfortable letting him cry when we were in other people's houses.

All of Gil's teeth have broken through since last month, and he now has 6 teeth!  His top two teeth are spread apart a little, and I think its really cute.  I don't think his orthodontia bill in 12 years will be that cute, but right now I like it.

Gil takes two two hour naps a day, and he, even while we are traveling, is doing pretty good with that.  Speaking of traveling, this little guy is a champ!  He has done amazing so far with all of the car rides.  I love having two good travelers.

This month was major for Gil and food.  I feel like he finally just started loving to eat!  He ate a lot of baby food and he got to try to baby friendly table food for the first time too.  He is definitely a carb fan.

He started crawling a day or two after he turned 8 months.  He also started pulling up a week or so later.  He is a pretty fast little crawler.

He had his first beach trip this month.  He is NOT a beach fan.  But when you immediately stick a handful of sand in your mouth EVERY time you are on the sand, it probably isn't very fun.  He did okay in the pool.  

He also had his 3rd trip down to Mississippi.  He got to see his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and great grandparents.  Of course, his separation anxiety kicked in big time right before we got there.  So he took a while to warm up to family.  And if I was in the room, he wanted me to hold him.  This has been strange for me, because Jack was in daycare from 2 months on, so he wasn't overly attached to me.  But Gil just wants me, sometimes!

 (Gil's thoughts on the sand...)

Likes:  Mom, food, crawling everywhere

Dislikes:  Mom being in the room and not holding him

Happy 9 months, Baby Gil!  We love you!