Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have been a bad blogger. But I am a grad student. That will be my excuse. It's probably not a great excuse, cause I found time to watch some "Sister Wives" this week. But it's an excuse I'm going to stick with.

We have had slightly calmer weeks since all of the visitors. But now we have church activities thrown in (which we love, but which adds to the business). We have joined a home group, which meets on Thursday nights. We had a game night with some people from the church last Saturday. A bunch of guys came who we didn't really know yet, so that was fun. Last night we had a sushi feast with Kylar, then he taught us how to play Carcasson (spelling), a fun board game similar to Settlers. Tonight we have a church bonfire, with pumpkin carving!

It is starting to get cold here! It's been mostly in the low 50's, but yesterday it was in the 40's. Also, we had a Nor'Easter last weekend, and it snowed in the mountains! I am hoping for snow soon. From what we've been told, it may come mid to late November.

We have been enjoying all things fall. Bech picked up 5 1/2 gallons of fresh apple cider yesterday from a local orchard, and has just started to make it hard cider. It will take up to a year to ferment/harden. We have eaten TONS of fresh local apples. And for me, it wouldn't be fall without glitter pumpkins!

Last year I got the glitter EVERYWHERE, and Bech almost went insane. So this year, I was very careful. I lay paper down and tried to not spread any glitter. Bech hasn't complained, so I guess I did an okay job.

If you want to make glitter pumpkins, here's how. You need glitter and glue first of all. I suppose you could use whatever glitter you like best, but I suggest going to "Michaels." They have Martha Stewart glitter there in TONS of colors. I bought a red, an orange, and a brown. I also bought their glue, because it comes in a bottle with a brush.

You also need little pumpkins and gourds. You then put glue on the pumpkins, then glitter. And then you can use them as a centerpiece!

Pumpkins in progress:

Finished pumpkins:

We got a set of copper trays for our wedding, and they make great centerpieces!

And as promised, the crazy picture of Bech. I came downstairs the other day, and there he was, watching tv. If you know me from Millsaps, you might recognize my comforter from good ole Bacot. And, that really is how cold our downstairs is right now. I think it's like 58 or 60 degrees. We are trying to not turn the heat on until the end of October. Only eight more days! Our upstairs is warm somehow (I guess just cause heat rises), so it's not like we're sleeping in the cold.

And what would my blog be without a food picture? Here is our yummy lunch last weekend of a blt (with local bread, lettuce, and tomato) and local pumpkin soup that Bech made! Plus it's on a dedza plate from Malawi, which makes me happy and sad!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We had a pretty calm weekend. I think we were both just recovering from the past two weeks. I was able to get a lot of homework done, and Bech spent a lot of time at the studio.

This week we play to eat at Tiny Thai (my new favorite restaurant), go to home group (it's a fellowship group through church), pick apples at Shelburne Orchards, and have a game night.

I am definitely excited about picking apples again. It just feels like a fall-ish activity. I have a few other things on my to do/visit list for fall: Corn Maze (there is an amazing one about 1 1/2 hours away, so I need to plan a time to go!), pumpkin patch, more cider, see more leaves, and a bonfire (we have one coming up soon!).

Fall has always been my favorite season, but I am realizing now how much I really love it. Sorry if I offend, but fall in the South is not real fall. It has some of the elements, but nothing can beat the colors and smells here, not to mention the cool weather. Of course, there is no football here, and that really detracts from fall. So maybe if we could bring the SEC to Vermont, it would be perfect!

Here are some pictures I stole from my mom's camera:

I look funny because I am cold! We were at Jay Peak and it was freezing!

Ansley and Mom at one of the covered bridges we found

Bech, apple picking--for some reason, Bech manages to take the creepiest pictures!

On the tram at Jay Peak...not a great picture, but you can see the leaves behind us

I have a few good pictures on my camera to upload. I could do it now, but that would require me going downstairs to get my camera. And well, to be honest, I'm just too lazy to do that right now. But next post, I will put them up!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I have been a bad blogger lately. But I have a good reason. We had another set of visitors! Bech's parents came last Thursday night, and left yesterday morning.

Miss Karey is not as much of a leaf-peeper as my mom, but we did do a lot of sightseeing. We drove down to Manchester on Saturday for an arts festival. For lunch, we had brick oven pizza at the festival. It was incredible...we got some with pumpkin, apple, bacon, and good!

On our way back, we stopped at Lake Bomoseen, Neshobe vineyards, and Farmer's Diner in Middlebury. If you've ever read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, then you might remember her mentioning this restaurant. When she's on vacation in the summer, her family eats at this restaurant, which serves mostly local food. Bech was not impressed with the food, but I enjoyed what I got!

We got to try out a few new restaurants while they were here, as well as an old favorite, Tiny Thai. Tiny Thai may be my favorite restaurant in the Burlington area so far.

We are sad our visitors are gone, but I definitely need a few weeks to get back on track with schoolwork. I had gotten a little ahead before they all came, so I am not behind. But I do have LOTS to do! I also had my first graduate test this past Monday, but it wasn't too bad.

Here are a few things I LOVE right now:

1. Fresh Apple Cider

Oh-my-lanta! How have I lived without this for so long? Real apple cider is absolutely amazing. We haven't had this brand yet, but I am sure it is wonderful.

2. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, from Bath and Body Works.

It's definitely fall up here and I like my house to smell like it! Speaking of fall, it is cold up here!

3. Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works.

I haven't burned this one yet...I am waiting till I get my tree up. But when I do, this candle will be burning 24/7 (don't worry, Mom...not really 24/7!).

By the way, Christmas is 78 days awayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! WHOOOO! I am so excited. I absolutely ADORE all things Christmas. And this year I will have a white Christmas!