Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm still alive!

I'm still here!

We only moved about 8 1/2 hours north, so I thought this would be the easiest move yet, right?


This has by far been the hardest move.  Harder than Malawi.  I'm not talking emotionally, but physically.  I am just plain wiped out.

We spent our first two weeks in Burlington in a one room (not one room!) apartment on campus.  I don't want to complain, because I am so thankful to ResLife for letting our little family stay in this apartment.  But it was a tight squeeze.  Jack slept on the loveseat and Gil slept in his pack and play in the bathroom.

Sidenote, Jack thought that was our new house.  One night we were watching HGTV's Tiny House and I told Bech that I wanted to live in a tiny house.  Jack replied, "Actually, mom, we do live in a tiny house."  Touché, kid, touché.

We were really hopeful that we would move from there into our apartment.  We had to be out of the guest apartment by the 16th.  But our paperwork had some problems and so we got held up.  So we camped out.  For two nights.  With our two boys.

Listen, you want to bring my husband along on your next camping trip.  Not because he knows what he's doing, camping wise.  No, you want him for his food skills.  He made us crepes one morning.  Over a campfire.

Because obviously, we are insane.  And gluttons for punishment.

Seriously, though, it was not that bad.  The only time that was really rough was during the day because Bech was at work and I was there with both boys.  But we made it!

Grand Isle State Park is where it's at.  I would never have made it were it not for this awesome playground.  Thank you Vermont State Park Services.  I love you.

We moved into our apartment last Tuesday but didn't move our stuff in until this past Saturday night. We had TONS of help from Burlington friends (new and old) and are so thankful, as well as thankful for the help from State College friends).  

So now begins the task of unpacking.  The boys room is close to being done (I can't find the crib hardware anywhere!) as is our room.  The kitchen is about 75% done.  And the living room...well, I'll get to it.

In the meantime, we have been soaking up all of the things we love about Burlington.   We have gone to Summervale twice.  We spent a Saturday morning at Shelburne Day and two Saturdays at the Farmers Market.  We've explored plenty of local parks and spent a morning at the Waterbury Reservoir.  

Vermont, you are everything I remembered and more.

Local parks are fun, but I think both Jack and I get a little lonely at the parks and start missing our Happy Valley park dates.

Waterbury Reservoir
Southerners, you need to know that Yankees love a good "lake beach."  It's a thing.  And it's no 30A, but it's pretty nice.

Face paint (a dragon!) at Summervale.

My boys at Shelburne Day.  Apparently Vermonters love facepaint.  And Jack is A-OK with that.

Finally, these two boys need a shout out.  They have been incredible and I am so thankful for how flexible they both are.  

Also, we don't do anything halfway.  Including chocolate ice cream.