Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Babywise Update

 Okay, as usual, this is really much more for me than for anyone else.  I just want to have a record of Jack's schedule at this point for future reference/children.  So, if you are going to think this is super boring (which you probably will), just skip this post! 

Jack is 23 weeks and now on a 4 hour schedule, and he is doing so great on it!  This is actually, from what I've read, not the Babywise method but the "Baby Whisperer" method.  Babywise suggests you first completely drop the dream feed before moving to a 4 hour schedule, but the Baby Whisperer suggests 4 hour schedule before dropping the dream feed.  

We decided to move to a 4 hour schedule because Jack just seemed ready for it.  There were a few times where we were out and he wasn't eating right on the 3 hour mark--and he was totally fine and happy.  Also, he wasn't napping well anymore on the 3 hour schedule.  So we moved and he has done so great on his new schedule.  He is back to taking great naps.

Right now, his schedule looks like this:

7:00 -- wake and eat (sometimes on the weekends,we sleep in until 7:15ish)

9:00 -- 1st nap

11:00 -- wake and eat 

1:00 -- 2nd nap

3:00 -- wake and eat

5ish -- cat nap

6ish -- wake up from cat nap

7:00 -- eat

7:30/8:00 -- bedtime

9:30 -- dream feed

A few comments:  Thanks to daycare, I actually know how much he eats--about 6 ounces.  When I drop the dream feed, I will probably bump him up to 7 oz at daycare to see how he does.

Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of his naps.  If I go in and give him his pacifier (as a side note, I hate when people call pacifiers Nuks or Binkys--it gives me the heeby idea why, I guess I am just weird), he will go back to bed.  Sometimes he will wake up about 15 or 30 minutes before his nap is over.  If he is just talking to himself, I leave him in the crib.  If he's fussing, I'll grab him, but (as long as he's happy just being awake and playing) I will wait to feed him.

I am about to drop the dream feed from 9:30 to 9:15...we are getting so close to being done with it!  Usually after you have dropped it down to 2 hours after the last feeding, you just drop it completely.

And a final note--I hope you all know that I don't think Babywise is the only way to do any of this, or that I think I am an expert by any means.  Babywise has just worked really well with us and with Jack.  Part of that is that I am a scheduled person--I work best with a set schedule.  Part of it is that Jack is a really easy baby--and that is definitely not because of us.  I plan on trying Babywise on all subsequent babies, but who knows how they will do with it?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

KK's Visit

This past week, my sister, Katy, was in town, along with her friend Paige.  We had a busy but fun week.  Tuesday we lazed around in the morning, then hit up Church Street for shopping then dinner at El Gato's.  Wednesday, we headed to Stowe and Waterbury.  Thursday, we went to a Thanksgiving dinner with our church plant, then had a Thanksgiving breakfast for dinner meal at home.  And Friday

The only day I really managed to take pictures was Wednesday, so I'll share those.

We had our first snow on Wednesday.  It's back up to 50 degrees today, so most of it has melted.  But I was glad Katy and Paige got to experience a little of our winter.  And it made our drive to Stowe gorgeous!

Here is Jack with his KK in his first snow!  He's not so sure about it...

We ate lunch at Frida's, then stopped at the Von Trapp Family Lodge.  Katy LOVES "The Sound of Music" and went on the SOM tour while in Austria.  

We stopped there for some hot cocoa in front of the fire.

I think Jack liked his first fire!  And doesn't he look so cute in his little snow outfit?

A picture out front of the lodge.

Here are some scenery shots.  How beautiful is the snow???  I will have to look at these pictures in March when I am SO tired of all of the snow and cold weather.

We drove back through Waterbury on our way home and stopped at the Ben & Jerry's factory for a tour and a sample.  Then we headed home to make spring rolls and fried rice for dinner!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

5 Months!

Jack is now 5 months!  Actually, I took these pictures 3 days after his birthday, but I wanted him to be wearing his Thanksgiving outfit.

I have no idea how much he wears now, but I am sure it is a lot.  I would bet we are at 19 lbs.  He does seem to have slowed down a bit in the gaining.

About 2 weeks ago, we switched Jack to a 4 hour schedule.  He is doing amazing on it!  And I love it, because it's one less pumping session for me during the day.  So now Jack eats every 4 hours.  His last regular eating time is at 7, and then we sneak in a dream feed at 9:45.  But last night, I moved it down to 9:30 and he did great.  He is getting so close to dropping the dream feed, but I am a little sad.  I love going in there and cuddling with him while he's sleeping.

Jack is in size 3 diapers (and in the 2nd rise on his bumgenius') and wears size 6-9 month cloths.

In the past week, Jack has developed a new skill--sitting up!  Jack can now sit up on his own.  You have to spot him, though, because he will get tired and just plop right over.

He also officially started to teeth.  Nothing is poking through yet, but he is a little fussy and will gnaw on anything he can get his hands on.

Jack had another big month.  His "KK" came to visit, he saw his first snow, he visited Stowe twice, and he has his first Thanksgiving!

Likes:  being tickled by his Daddy, cuddling, bath time, his Aunt KK

Dislikes:  teething :(

And for a little comparison, here are Jack's last four month pictures!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving from Bech, Jack, and me!

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for a sweet husband, loving family, and a healthy, happy baby.

I am also thankful for a God who would redeem me, even while I am still enchained to my sin.  I am thankful that I can approach God because of Christ's death.

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name."

Psalm 100:4

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Everything sad will come untrue."

We have been given so many amazing gifts for Baby Jack.  And The Jesus Storybook Bible is definitely at the top of the list.  

I absolutely love this book.  I actually cried the first time I read from it.  Most children's Bibles just simply tell all of the "stories" from the Bible.  This Bible tells the stories as well, but shows them all in light of the gospel.  Each story ties into Christ.

We read this most nights with Jack before he goes to bed.  I know that he probably doesn't understand what we are saying.  But he might.  And if he doesn't yet, he will soon.  I want him to grow up hearing this story everyday, so that someday he can say that he never knew a day in which he didn't know and believe in God.

And this book is not just for children.  I think all Christians, married, single, young, or old, could benefit so much from this book!  I have already been so moved by it!  I have read the story of Leah so many times, but this book helped me to see it in a totally different and new way.

My favorite part so far has been the chapter on Isaiah.  Here is what the books says (I bolded my favorite parts!):

"Do you know what your name means?  Well, there was once a man called Isaiah, and his name meant 'God to the rescue!'

That might sound like a bit of a funny name to you, but it was just the right name for Isaiah because God had a special job for Isaiah.  You see, Isaiah's job was to listen to God and then tell people what he heart.  

Now, God let Isaiah know a secret.  God was going to mend his broken world.  He showed Isaiah his Secret Rescue Plan: Operation 'No More Tears!'

This is the message God gave Isaiah (it was like a letter God wrote to his children)...

Dear Little Flock,

You're all wandering away from me, like sheep in an open field. You have always been running away from me.  And now you're lost.  You can't find your way back.

But I can't stop loving you.  I will come to find you.  So I am sending you a Shepherd to look after you and love you.  To carry you home to me.

You've been stumbling around, like people in a dark room.  But into the darkness, a bright Light will shine!  It will chase away all the shadows, like sunshine.

A little baby will be born.  A Royal Son.  His mommy will be a young girl who doesn't have a husband.  His name will be Emmanuel, which means 'God has come to live with us.'  He is one of King David's children's children's children.  The Prince of Peace.

Yes, Someone is going to come and rescue you!

But he won't be who anyone expects.

He will be a King!  But he won't live in a palace.  And he won't have lots of money.  He will be poor.  And he will be a Servant.  But this King will heal the whole world.

He will be a Hero!  He will fight for his people, and will rescue them from their enemies.  But he won't have big armies, and he won't fight with swords.  He will make the blind see, he will make the lame leap like deer!  He will make everything the way it was always meant to be. 

But people will hate him, and they won't listen to him.  He will be like a Lamb--he will suffer and die.

It's the Secret Rescue Plan we made--from before the beginning of the world!

It's the only way to get you back.

But he won't stay dead--I will make him alive again!

And, one day, when he comes back to rule forever, the mountains and trees will dance and sing for joy!  The earth will shout out loud!  His fame will fill the whole earth--as the waters cover the sea!  Everything sad will come untrue.  Even death is going to die!  And he will wipe away every tear from every eye.  

Yes, the Rescuer will come.  Look for him.  Watch for him.  Wait for him.  He will come!

I promise

Poor Isaiah.  He read God's letter over and over to God's people, but no one listened to him--at all.  Ever.  They didn't want to hear God's promise.  They didn't believe it.

Did it sound maybe too good to be true?  A story that ends happily ever after?  Well, it does sound like a fairy tale, doesn't it?  And, as anyone will quickly tell you, fairy tales aren't true.

Or are they?"

Pretty amazing...Makes you want to read it, right?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Laughs...

This video makes me happy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The beginning of holiday season

It's only a little over a month until Christmas...I cannot wait.  And it's less than a month now until Jack and I head home for 2 1/2 weeks.

It's actually super warm here in Vermont (or at least warm for this time of year!).  The past couple of days the temperature has been mid to high 50's.  And so far we've only seen snow twice, and it didn't stick either time.  Although, it's going to get into the low 40's over the next week and a half.  And next Wednesday has a snow forecast, but the weather should be too warm to stick.

I am thankful that we don't have snow yet!  I am not looking forward to having to worry about Jack staying warm enough outside.

Next week, my sister and one of her best friends are coming for Thanksgiving.  We are planning a trip to Stowe, and I definitely want to show them all around downtown Burlington (especially Church Street). And, of course, we might need a trip to my new favorite restaurant, El Gato's.

I was able to get a good amount of homework done during the day today, so I am going to pull out the Christmas decorations tonight...YAY!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Jack, the Baby Model...

On Thursday's, I get to spend all day with Jack Attack--best day of the week.  Yesterday, Jack and I had a fun day at home.  It was semi warm out (at least for Vermont), so we took a little walk.  We read some and cuddled some.

And Jack was wearing one of my favorite outfits, so I had to snap some pictures!

Jack has gotten so strong!

Isn't the blanket gorgeous?  One of Bech's good friends from college sent it to us.  I love the vintage feel of the fabric!

There's that Elvis lip!

And my little boy, kinda sitting up by himself.  He is getting pretty good at the "tripod" sit up.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Randoms...

Yes, I did just post random thoughts yesterday.  But it's my blog, so I am going to do it again today!

1) Check out this post by BooMama.  We give mostly just to ABC, but this post has made me consider sponsoring a compassion child.

2) My mom always gives me grief about not watching the news.  But I have actually begun to watch the news!  Jack eats at 7 every morning, so I watch the news segment of the Today show every morning.  Here are my observations:

* My heart breaks for all of the victims of everything going on in State College, PA.  And I am glad the board of trustees came down so harshly.  Sexual abuse (especially to children!) is something that needs to be taken VERY seriously.  

*  Rick Perry needs debate lessons.  Like seriously.  

*  I am not a big fan of Herman Cain.  And I don't think he should accuse the Democratic party of making up a scandal about him.  I'm pretty sure the Democrats are not that worried about Cain.

*  I am a Romney fan.

*  Maybe I shouldn't say that on my blog.  It isn't polite to talk about politics too much.

3)  Only two weeks until Thanksgiving.  And a week and a half until my sister comes!

4)  We are going to another family's house for Thanksgiving dinner, but we are still going to have a Thanksgiving lunch.  But we are going to have fun with it--not do Turkey (maybe steaks?).  We are also thinking maybe pumpkin martinis?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Midweek Randoms

I feel like all I ever post are random updates.  But that's just how my mind works!
 1.  Check out this post by my sister.  It is one of the best things I read about Prop. 26.  It spelled out both sides of the issue very clearly.

2.  In case you haven't heard, the amendment did not pass.  I would have voted yes for the amendment, but I do understand the problems many Christians had with the wording.  In a way, I am both heartbroken and relieved at the results.  I wanted this to pass because of what it would mean for abortion in my home state.  But I wish the bill had been more carefully researched.

3.  Today, I am so thankful that I am not called to live for this world.  Don't get me wrong...I believe as Christians, we have a call to care about the politics of the country we live in.  We have a call to fight worldly injustice and to take care of the physical needs of others.  But at the end of the day, when we lose battles, we can rest assured that Christ has already won the war.

4.  Okay, on a lighter note...I am going home for Christmas in 5 weeks!  Yay!  I am so excited. 

5.  Of course that means that this semester is over in 5 weeks--ahhh!  Luckily I have kept ahead on work so it's not going to be crazy.

6.  Does anyone here get the Zulily emails?  Yesterday the high chair of my dreams was on sale.  Bech's mom was asking what she could buy us for Christmas, and I had mentioned that we don't have a high chair yet.  She said to send her links to some we liked.  So when I saw the sale, I sent her a link!  So come Christmas, we will be proud owners of a Svan high chair.  

Seriously, y'all--I have been lusting over this high chair for several years!  And now I own (well almost own) it.  It is going to be so cute for pictures of Jack.  And it's sturdy, so it should last for all 6 of our kids (okay, I shouldn't say that--Bech only wants like 4, but I want 6.  So all 4 to 6 of our kids!).

7.  Jack is now on a 4 hour schedule.  I cannot believe how big he is getting.  It is kind of bittersweet.  I remember when he was a newborn and cluster feeding, and now he eats every 4 hours!  He still gets his dream feed, but I honestly think we are getting close to dropping that.

8.  Today is the first Bible study for the Church excited!

9.  And finally, because Bech made me move the whole downstairs around last weekend, he said we could decorate for Christmas this weekend!!!  CAN NOT WAIT!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Busy Weekend!

I was hoping we'd have a calm and relaxing weekend, but it isn't turning out that way!  But it has been good and fun so far.

Bech called me Friday afternoon at about 3-ish and asked if we could move around some furniture (one of the pieces being a really large bookshelf, that he built when we lived in Jackson).  I was up for the idea, but not that exact day.  Well I get off the bus at 5:30, and he has already started the process.  Which is not super fun because I am exhausted.  And I am not the sort of person who can just go to bed with a project like that partly done.  But we got everything moved around, and we went through our books and got rid of tons!!!  I was so excited.  We have so many books, and they are (mostly) really good.  But a lot of those books, even though they are great books, we just don't use.  We got rid of a few cds and plan on getting rid of more.

With every switched around (and all of the extra books gone), everything looks really great!  Plus there is a ton of extra floor room downstairs, which will be great for Jack.  But all of that moving up and down stairs was exhausting!

Today, I hit up my favorite kid store for Jack.  I needed a few more cloth diaper things.  I'm going to try out hemp liners with his diapers for nighttime.  Right now, he sleeps in a disposable at night.  I wanted to make sure we got his nighttime sleep pretty established before we experimented with staying dry at night in cloth.  So I'm going to try out a hemp liner and see how it works.  Anyone got experience with them?  I also grabbed a wet bag for daycare.  

I got a few toys for Jack, as well, and I dropped off our baby swing at the consignment section there.  If it sells there, I get 100% of the price in store credit.  They have a fun jumperoo I would love to get for Jack!

Then this afternoon, we headed to Stowe.  It was my friend Amy's birthday, so a few of us went there to eat at Fridas--sooo good!  Plus the town is just really fun and cute.

I put Jack in a Thanksgiving outfit (See, Dan, I am celebrating Thanksgiving.  I only went on that little rant because people always give me such a hard time about celebrating Christmas too early. Thanksgiving is a great and special holiday, too) for the afternoon/night.  He looked so cute, that I wanted to snap a few pictures of my little chunk.

Jack has started to grab Bech and my faces.  It's pretty sweet.

Love that smile!

I love how Bech is making such a goofy face.  This is the face we make to get Jack to smile.  

And Jack's totally rocking an Elvis smile.

Here Jack is in his first pair of shoes.  You won't see him in too many.  I am actually not a big fan of real shoes on babies (you know, like tennis shoes, or shoes with hard soles).  But I do love really cute soft sole shoes, like Robeez or these.  His grandmother got them for him, and he looks pretty darn cute in them!  Plus, they are going keep his feet warm the colder it gets.

Tomorrow looks like it will be pretty busy again.  We have church in the morning.  Bech then plans to go into the studio to get some work done, then he has a pottery teachers meeting.  And finally, we have a get together/potluck for the Burlington PCA church plant (actually, it has a name--Redeemer!).

Finally, if you had any doubts at all that my son is pure boy, check out this picture.  This is Jack after he woke up and ate this morning.  I love the hands on the crotch.  He looks like all he needs is a canned beverage and a football game on tv!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nighttime Prayers

Every night I give Jack a dream feed.  Basically I go get Jack out of his crib, feed him while he's asleep,then put him back into bed.
But after I feed him, I always hold him for a few minutes, just cuddling up with him on my shoulder.  And it has become absolutely the best part of my day.  I just take it all in, his warm breath on my neck, his sweet smell, his little body curled into me.

And as I snuggle with my baby, I am reminded of how blessed I am right in that moment.  

I think about the many families like Baby James' parents, parents who have lost their precious child.

I think about the many women who can't get pregnant, who have suffered various miscarriages.

I think about the many women who want so much to be married, to have the chance to become mothers.

And often I wonder, why?  Why do I get to have this healthy baby?  Why, God, have you allowed me what you have not given to so many others who so desperately want?

I am not totally sure why I am sharing these thoughts.  Maybe because I want any readers who fit into the above categories to know that I am always thinking about you.  That you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.  I pray every night that you all may have these nighttime feeding moments, these sweet milky breaths breathing in your ear.  I don't take what I have for granted.  I know I am not promised tomorrow, that I am not promised a healthy life, and that Jack may not always be healthy.  But I am thankful for what I have.

And that I want you all to experience the same.  And I will continue to pray every night that you can.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Midweek Randoms

To start off with, I made another batch of my humus this past week for our first ever dip dinner.  I made Bech snap a quick picture before everyone came over.

Second, it is now officially November.  Which means I can now officially start celebrating Christmas.  Because tonight is premier party for Mistletoe Marketplace.  And to me, that officially kicks of Christmas season.

And I know some of y'all are going to be thinking, "But what about Thanksgiving?  How dare you forget about Thanksgiving?"  And you know what...I'm okay with jumping over Thanksgiving.  Jack has three Turkey day outfits that he is going to be wearing over the next few weeks, and that will be fun.  And I love Thanksgiving Day.  

But it's just a day about the earthly world I live in.  And Christmas is about the coming of Christ.  Christmas is about the redemption of the world and of us.  Thanksgiving is a fun holiday...Christmas is an absolutely beautiful celebration of the gospel!  

Okay, sorry about that tangent.  All that to say, I plan on beginning to celebrate Christmas now, and I think that's okay!

I absolutely LOVE Christmas, and am so excited about another Christmas season.  Especially our first Christmas with Baby Jack!

Seriously, I love this little guy.

He has to be one of the happiest people I have ever been around.  I really hope that this is what his personality will be like as he grows older.  He is just so laid back and fun.

As a side note, I had an absolutely awful day today.  Could you think of me in your prayers this week?  I have a not so fun situation that I have to deal with, and I am not looking forward to it.

As another side note, I am going to be buying our Christmas tickets for home tomorrow!  Yay!  I am so excited to be home again.  

I hope that you all are having wonderful weeks.  Sorry for such a random disjointed post...My brain is just crazy right now!