Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Randoms...

Yes, I did just post random thoughts yesterday.  But it's my blog, so I am going to do it again today!

1) Check out this post by BooMama.  We give mostly just to ABC, but this post has made me consider sponsoring a compassion child.

2) My mom always gives me grief about not watching the news.  But I have actually begun to watch the news!  Jack eats at 7 every morning, so I watch the news segment of the Today show every morning.  Here are my observations:

* My heart breaks for all of the victims of everything going on in State College, PA.  And I am glad the board of trustees came down so harshly.  Sexual abuse (especially to children!) is something that needs to be taken VERY seriously.  

*  Rick Perry needs debate lessons.  Like seriously.  

*  I am not a big fan of Herman Cain.  And I don't think he should accuse the Democratic party of making up a scandal about him.  I'm pretty sure the Democrats are not that worried about Cain.

*  I am a Romney fan.

*  Maybe I shouldn't say that on my blog.  It isn't polite to talk about politics too much.

3)  Only two weeks until Thanksgiving.  And a week and a half until my sister comes!

4)  We are going to another family's house for Thanksgiving dinner, but we are still going to have a Thanksgiving lunch.  But we are going to have fun with it--not do Turkey (maybe steaks?).  We are also thinking maybe pumpkin martinis?

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Ashley said...

I just read that Boo Mama post and it was really good. We've been sponsoring a little boy in Rowanda for about 7 years through Compassion and I really love the way their organization works. We get letters, pictures and updates. We send letters, pictures and gifts for his birthday and Christmas. It's really a neat relationship and this post made me want to go visit (even more than we already did!) Hopefully one day we'll make it to Africa!!