Saturday, November 5, 2011

Busy Weekend!

I was hoping we'd have a calm and relaxing weekend, but it isn't turning out that way!  But it has been good and fun so far.

Bech called me Friday afternoon at about 3-ish and asked if we could move around some furniture (one of the pieces being a really large bookshelf, that he built when we lived in Jackson).  I was up for the idea, but not that exact day.  Well I get off the bus at 5:30, and he has already started the process.  Which is not super fun because I am exhausted.  And I am not the sort of person who can just go to bed with a project like that partly done.  But we got everything moved around, and we went through our books and got rid of tons!!!  I was so excited.  We have so many books, and they are (mostly) really good.  But a lot of those books, even though they are great books, we just don't use.  We got rid of a few cds and plan on getting rid of more.

With every switched around (and all of the extra books gone), everything looks really great!  Plus there is a ton of extra floor room downstairs, which will be great for Jack.  But all of that moving up and down stairs was exhausting!

Today, I hit up my favorite kid store for Jack.  I needed a few more cloth diaper things.  I'm going to try out hemp liners with his diapers for nighttime.  Right now, he sleeps in a disposable at night.  I wanted to make sure we got his nighttime sleep pretty established before we experimented with staying dry at night in cloth.  So I'm going to try out a hemp liner and see how it works.  Anyone got experience with them?  I also grabbed a wet bag for daycare.  

I got a few toys for Jack, as well, and I dropped off our baby swing at the consignment section there.  If it sells there, I get 100% of the price in store credit.  They have a fun jumperoo I would love to get for Jack!

Then this afternoon, we headed to Stowe.  It was my friend Amy's birthday, so a few of us went there to eat at Fridas--sooo good!  Plus the town is just really fun and cute.

I put Jack in a Thanksgiving outfit (See, Dan, I am celebrating Thanksgiving.  I only went on that little rant because people always give me such a hard time about celebrating Christmas too early. Thanksgiving is a great and special holiday, too) for the afternoon/night.  He looked so cute, that I wanted to snap a few pictures of my little chunk.

Jack has started to grab Bech and my faces.  It's pretty sweet.

Love that smile!

I love how Bech is making such a goofy face.  This is the face we make to get Jack to smile.  

And Jack's totally rocking an Elvis smile.

Here Jack is in his first pair of shoes.  You won't see him in too many.  I am actually not a big fan of real shoes on babies (you know, like tennis shoes, or shoes with hard soles).  But I do love really cute soft sole shoes, like Robeez or these.  His grandmother got them for him, and he looks pretty darn cute in them!  Plus, they are going keep his feet warm the colder it gets.

Tomorrow looks like it will be pretty busy again.  We have church in the morning.  Bech then plans to go into the studio to get some work done, then he has a pottery teachers meeting.  And finally, we have a get together/potluck for the Burlington PCA church plant (actually, it has a name--Redeemer!).

Finally, if you had any doubts at all that my son is pure boy, check out this picture.  This is Jack after he woke up and ate this morning.  I love the hands on the crotch.  He looks like all he needs is a canned beverage and a football game on tv!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thanksgiving family. Bech, especially looks thankful; look at that smile!