Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The beginning of holiday season

It's only a little over a month until Christmas...I cannot wait.  And it's less than a month now until Jack and I head home for 2 1/2 weeks.

It's actually super warm here in Vermont (or at least warm for this time of year!).  The past couple of days the temperature has been mid to high 50's.  And so far we've only seen snow twice, and it didn't stick either time.  Although, it's going to get into the low 40's over the next week and a half.  And next Wednesday has a snow forecast, but the weather should be too warm to stick.

I am thankful that we don't have snow yet!  I am not looking forward to having to worry about Jack staying warm enough outside.

Next week, my sister and one of her best friends are coming for Thanksgiving.  We are planning a trip to Stowe, and I definitely want to show them all around downtown Burlington (especially Church Street). And, of course, we might need a trip to my new favorite restaurant, El Gato's.

I was able to get a good amount of homework done during the day today, so I am going to pull out the Christmas decorations tonight...YAY!

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