Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What I'm Loving Now

Also titled:  How I'm getting through this semester.

This semester is all sorts of crazy.  I am in my student teaching placement 5 days a week, taking 4 classes at night (but only on 3 nights, so that's good!), coaching a Mathcounts team, and tutoring.  Oh yeah, plus being a mom and wife!  Needless to say, blogging is the last thing on my mind.  

Actually, it's when I'm really busy that I discover my favorite things to do.  And it's not blogging.  It's also not watching tv, except for the bachelor.  It is reading.  And Nick's journey to love, because everyone knows that Finland is the perfect place to fall in love.

But I do miss my blog some.  This week is February break.  They do this here in Vermont and a few other New England states.  I thought it was so kids could go skiing, but I just googled it and guess I am wrong.  Apparently it harkens back to the days of the high cost of heating.  Well, whatever it's for, we get of school for a week in February and then again for a week in late April.  Jack is out of school at the same time, but Gil's daycare is still open.  So Jack is home with me, while I attempt to get some major school work done.  We are trying to have some fun too, with playdates and the Lego Batman movie.  Oh, and lots of legos and reading!

In typical Marley fashion, I am going to post in list format because LISTS.  Seriously, lists are the best and I love them.  So here's what is keeping me sane during this crazy semester:

1. Kindergarten Jack

Jack is so much fun right now.  He can play actual board games (like Catan Junior)--game changer.  He can read.  He is funny.

2. Toddler Gil

I'd be lying if I said Gil was as much fun as Jack currently.  The terrible two's are upon us!

But, Gil is talking more and more, and he's pretty hilarious.  He also plays a mean air guitar and air drums and just loves music in general.  Plus. those eyes?  He's a heartbreaker for sure!

3. Snow Days

We haven't had a crazy hard winter this year, which I have mixed feelings about.  I really do love the snow.  But I don't love when it feels like your face is going to freeze off.  We have had a couple of good snows, plus we've had two snow days this winter!  Even though I've still had homework on those days, I was thankful to get to play at home with my boys, making forts and eating snow ice cream.

4.  Aslan is on the move!

Slowly but surely, things are warming up around here.  Granted, this is a little on the early side.  And I wouldn't put it past Vermont weather to have a snow storm in April!  But we did enjoy the 50 degree weather this past Saturday.  We played at Oakledge (of course, it's my favorite) and spent time with friends.

5.  Bullet Journaling

This is legit how I'm keeping sane.  I started Bullet Journalling at the beginning of the year, and this journal has become my lifeline.  Everything I need to do is written down (in a color coded system).  This notebook has all of my lists!  It's how I'm getting everything done and done on time (sometimes even early!).

If you are interested in bullet journaling, check out this site or just google it.  I found lots of cute ideas and layouts that way. I would describe bullet journaling as getting to create a planner exactly how you like it and incorporate any time of list, note taking, or tracking into that planner.  I have never really gotten the hang of or enjoyed using a digital system, and I haven't just loved any of the planners I've bought in the past.  But this allows me to create a planner that works perfectly for me.  Plus, I incorporate washi tape and cute pen colors to make it fun!

6. Marakesh Oil
I got this in my fabfitfun box this past December.  This hair oil is a great example of why fabfitfun is a good idea.  I would have NEVER gotten this hair oil on my own.  But now that I have and use it, I LOVE it.  It makes my hair shiny but not oily.  I have been making an effort to curl or straighten my hair every day, so I will look nice for student teaching.  This hair oil helps!

I am sure there are many other things I am forgetting, but that's all I can remember for today.  Now, back to homework!