Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting settled in...

We are almost completely moved in.  This weekend my grandparents came to visit, so that gave us a little bit of a push.  Bech and I always say that having people over is so good for us--after we've moved it helps us get everything put together, and all the time it makes us really clean!

So we got curtains and pictures hung and everything tidied.  And we had a great time with my grandparents.  We even had our first cookout in our new place.

Tomorrow we go to Jack's daycare for a "meet and greet."  I am excited but nervous.  We LOVED our last daycare.  It couldn't have been any better for us.  So I am worried about how the new place will measure up, especially because he will be going 5 days a week instead of 3 like last year.  But the daycare is at my school, so at least if he gets really upset, I can go check on him.

The highlight of the week is for sure my new washer and dryer (well, new to us)!  We picked them up today from a guy (gotta love craigslist) and Bech installed them.  The past four years we have been washer and dryer-less--I am SO excited to have a washer and dryer in our apartment!  Especially with cloth-diapering--Any readers who cloth diaper, imagine doing that in a laundromat!

Jack's room and our room are almost completely done.  The living room still has a ways to go.  We sold our big bookshelf, another bookshelf/entertainment center got damaged in the move, and we got rid of our coffee table a few months before we moved.  So we will slowly be replacing these pieces.

But I have clean I am happy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 Goal Update

1.  Learn French
I wouldn't necessarily claim to "know" French now, but I passed my reading test!  This is a goal I still want to work on, because I want to be able to read and speak it well, but academically I completed this goal!

2.  Pass my comprehensive tests
 Still working on these.  I have been studying some (but I need to study a LOT more!), and I will take them in September.

3.  Have consistent quiet times
Yay!  I have gotten better at this!  One thing that has helped is my iphone.  I pull up my Bible app and read through several chapters each night.  I would like to add to this, but seeing as I wasn't consistent at all these past two years while in grad school, I am happy with this progress!

4.  Learn how to use my camera!

5.  Lose 20 to 25 pounds.
Since I wrote this, I have!  I would like to still lose about 8 or 10 pounds, but I technically accomplished this goal.

6.  Plan a first birthday party for Jack Attack
 Done!  I think it turned out pretty cute.

7. Move
We're done!!!  We still have to hang up pictures and get dining room chairs, but we are moved!

8.  Clean our apartment/Get rid of tons of stuff!
Well, we completed this.  I feel like we got rid of a good amount of stuff, but we could always get rid of more.

9.  Memorize scripture
Again, a big fat fail.  I really want to work on this.

10.  Spend more time with Bech
We  have done okay with this one--not great.  But we just met a sweet girl at church Sunday who babysits, so we want to hire her and have a date night soon!

11.  Keep up on academics while out of school/Present a paper at a conference
I did present a paper in March, but now I need to work on the first part.  I have been doing lots of academic reading for comps, so I guess the real test will be after that's over.  I also want to try to present another paper at a conference this next year, so I need to start researching that!

12.  Sit by the pool/beach and RELAX!
 I definitely accomplished this!  I spent a good amount of time this summer laying out and eating a snow cone.  Yum!

I'd say I've completed about 7 1/2 of my goals so far...not bad!  Now I need to get working on the rest of the goals!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Time for Midweek Confessions.  Head on over to "E, Myself, and I" to link up or read more.

- Last night I didn't want to make anything in my half unpacked (oh, let's be honest here, most of the way unpacked--I have no excuse!) kitchen, so I grabbed some Arby's for dinner.

- Then I watched "Pretty Little Liars."  I would like to blame my 19 year old sister for that choice, but I suppose I should assume responsibility seeing as she wasn't even with me.

- I contemplated watching "The Bachelor Pad" on Monday.  I am thankful to say that I resisted that temptation...but the previews made it look interesting!

- I unpacked Jack's room first (everything's done except for hanging pictures on the walls!) so that I could close him in there to play if I need to shower or unpack a box.  Does that make me a bad mother?

That's all for this week!  Join in!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I have seen a bunch of other bloggers do this, so I thought I would join.  It will be a good filler for my blog while I am working on unpacking...

1. How long have you been blogging? And what got you started on blogging? Has your blog changed?

I have been blogging now for a little over 4 years.  I started this blog when we announced that we were going to be spending a year at African Bible College in Lilongwe, Malawi.  I wanted this blog to be a way for family and friends to keep up with us.  I kept it going because I like blogging and I knew we would move several more times for school.

2. Did you go to college? If so where, and what did you study?

I went to Millsaps College in Jackson for 2 years.  I was a double major in Classics (Latin and Greek) and English.  After I met Bech, I transferred to Ole Miss for my last two years.  I ended up getting a degree in Classics with an English minor.

Also, I just finished up a two year masters program in Classics at the University of Vermont.

3. Where have you traveled?

I have been to a lot of places in the US--mostly everywhere but the midwest.  Internationally, I have been to Malawi, Zambia, Capetown, Jo-burg, Mexico, Canada, and England.  I really, really want to go to Italy and Greece!

4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy?

A Hybrid car.  I know, dorky, right?  Then maybe plane tickets to Greece!

5. What are your 3 biggest pet peeves?

(a) When people don't put the fresh roll of toilet paper on the holder.  C'mon, people, it only takes a few seconds!

(b) When people don't type out words on facebook or texts.  Doesn't that drive u crazy 2?  

(c) I know that there are lots of other things that drive me crazy, but I honestly can't remember any of those things right now.

6. What is your favorite movie?

Right now it's Moonrise Kingdom.  It is an incredible movie.  But it's really probably Life is Beautiful.

7. What is your drink of choice; wine, beer, or liquor. Or Water, Soda, Tea?

Of the first options, wine.  Of the second, Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla from Sonic.

8. What is something you enjoy to do when you have me time?

I love to take a bath while watching Murder, She Wrote.  

Yeah, I have no possible words to add to that confession that will somehow make me cool.  Oh well!

9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be?


10. Share with us an embarrassing moment of your past? Or present.

There are too many to write on here...

11. What day would you love to relive again?

I would love to relive our wedding or the first day after Jack was born.  Just because those days went by so quickly that I can barely remember them!

12. If your life was turned into a movie... what actor would play you?

Um, well it would have to be someone kind of weird.  Honestly I have no idea.  That's why I just took an online quiz (and we all know how reliable those are).  Apparently, Emma Watson should play me.  Alright, I'll take that answer!

Seriously, all of the other people have answers to this question.  Do people think about this a lot?  I never really have.  Who do ya'll think would play me?

Actually a better question is, who would actually watch a movie about me?  Or who would opt instead for catching up on Jessica Fletcher's life in Cabot Cove, Maine?  I'll stick with Jessica!

13. What are the jobs you had in high school/college/the early years?

In high school, I just babysat a lot.  In college, I was a summer counselor (at Kanakuk--best kamp in the world), RA, desk worker, and babysitter.  My first year out of college, I was a receptionist at a doctor's office.

14. Show us a picture from high school or college.

An old one, but one of my favorites!  This was (I think) taken the Christmas of my Junior year of college.

15. If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?

As much as I want to go to Greece/Italy, I'm going to have to go with Antarctica.  I really want to go on a 2 to 3 week educational expedition down there.

16. Show us the most current picture of you or you and your family.

Bech and I with the birthday boy!

17. Where do you see your life 5 years from now?

Hopefully I will be working on my PhD in classics and Bech will have gotten his MFA in ceramics.  I would love to have at least one other child by that time (who knows how that will work with all of this school!?!).

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mid Move...

Whew!  I am TIRED!  

We started moving on Thursday, and I am seriously just now getting a chance to relax.  We moved everything in on Thursday (with the help of Bech's two brothers), unpacked a little and spent the night.  We headed back to Brookhaven on Friday to pick up Jack (I spent my first night away from him!  Bella  and Doc kept him so we could move in peace) then headed back to Baton Rouge.

It has been a long few days, but we are almost done (okay well maybe 75%...that's almost, right?).  I like to go room by room.  With the exception of hanging his curtains and pictures on the wall, Jack's room is done.  Again, with the exception of pictures, our room is done.  The living room is getting close and so is the kitchen.  So, yay!  Almost there.

I will put pictures up soon.  I love this apartment!  It is a little dated, but it is clean and it is big!  We have so much storage space, and that makes me so happy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Year Old!

Baby Jack is one year old!

Okay, let's be real for a minute here.  Baby Jack is almost 13 months old.  But I want to have record of this, so I am posting it late!

Jack is 24 lbs and 31 1/4 inches.  He wears some 12 month and some 18 month clothes.  He wears size 3 diaper and size 3 (almost a 4) shoe.

Jack started walking mid move (mostly at Mike and Laura's).  Once he started, he did not stop!  He is wild man's hard to slow him down!

Jack is fully on whole milk now.  I started weaning a few weeks before he turned one.  He nursed for the last time on his year birthday.  My goal was to make it to a year, and I am glad we did it!  I miss that time with him, but I am glad to be able to wear whatever I want to wear and to be able to be away from him during meal times.

Jack drinks a bottle of milk four times a day.  I know...he is too old for a bottle.  We have "tried" (not very hard!) a sippy cup.  But I feel like he has a lot of transition in  his life right now, so I don't want to push it.  We will start getting off of the bottle next week.  He eats solids three times a day (plus some snacks--Jack can EAT!).

Jack still loves his lovey and his pacifier.  I try to keep both just to bedtimes and car time, but that is also hard to do while living in transition!

Jack has been doing fairly well with sleeping, considering he is in a pack and play every night.  He goes to bed about 7:15 and wakes up around 6 or 6:30.  He takes two naps a day, an hour in the morning, and an hour to an hour and a half in the afternoon.  I think we will need to transition to one afternoon nap soon (for daycare), but he still gets pretty tired in the morning.

Jack has six teeth, four on top and two on bottom.  No signs on any more coming any time soon.

Right before his birthday, he got roseola (I think from the church nursery).  Bless his little heart!  He was about the most pitiful thing!

He started talking this past month.  He can say "dada," "mama," "ball," "dog," and "Doc."  He also loves to growl at dogs.  He can sign "more," "all done," "milk," and "please" (although he needs a lot of prompting on that last one!).

Likes: music and dancing, his lovey, getting tickled, eating

Dislikes: being told "no," getting his diaper changed

He is such a fun baby/toddler!  He is still a delight to be around (even though we are starting to see a strong willed child!).  I am sure the next few months and years (who am I kidding...decades!) will have many challenges ahead, but we are thankful to be Baby Jack's parents.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I know, I know...I have been a bad blogger.  I have a lot more time right now, but, since we are living out of suitcases, it is a lot less structured.  I don't have my computer set up on a desk and my laptop was broken (but it's fixed now).  Soon we will be moved into our new place and getting back into a routine and schedule.

Here's what we've been up to:

* Bech just got back from Honduras.  He went on a missions trip with his parents church and had a great time.  Jack and I, though, are glad to have him home!

* We went to Baton Rouge Friday and Saturday with two goals: job for Bech and place for us to live.  And we accomplished both!  

* We found a great 3 bedroom 2 bath condo in Baton Rouge.  I am so excited!  It is huge...lots of storage and lots of room.  It is a little dated looking in the kitchen and bathroom, but it is clean and well kept up (which matters more to me).  Plus, it's in our price range, which is the most important.  I am sure I will put lots of pictures up when we get moved in.

* I STILL need to put up Jack's 12 month update.  Maybe I'll get it up before he turns 13 months!  

* Also, I am debating whether I am going to keep going on the month updates.  I think I'll just put updates up for every 3 months.  

I think that's about it.  We will be moving in a week, but for now, we are just going to enjoy time with family!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jack, the Baby Model

While we were at the beach, my mom dressed Jack up in one of his crab outfits (I think he has 5 now!) for some pictures.  Some of them turned out really cute...I'm thinking I may need to print some out to frame!

I love this one...He totally looks like he's posing for an ad.  Such attitude...

Sweet boy!

It's getting harder to get cute pictures of him because he won't stand still!  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Boca Grande

AKA major photo dump!

A couple of weeks ago, my whole family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and significant others--25 of us!) spent 5 days in Boca Grande.  We got hit by Tropical Storm Deb, but we still had a great time together.

The beach house we stayed in.

Love that sweet little face!

Jack loved the sand and the waves.

He also loved getting to meet all of his cousins.

Kisses for Papa.  As Papa told me later, "Well, Marley, I think Baby Jack is partial to me."  Ha...I agree!

He's also a big fan of his "Doc."

The first night we were there was Jack's first birthday, so I made cupcakes for everyone.  So here's a snapshot of the Birthday Boy.

He actually ate this cupcake!

My uncle Mike loves to build sand sculptures.  Because of the storm, he only got to build two.  This is his first, a gator for the University of Florida.

Bech and Logan spent lots of time looking for shells.

Seriously how cute is this swimsuit?

Bech got burned the first day, so he created a makeshift "sun shirt."

The house had a private pool that we all enjoyed.

Jack chilling in the pool.

Jack's favorite sign.

And his new punk hair-do.

My sweet Nana.

Uncle Mike's second sand sculpture, a mermaid.

Best of buds.

In this picture, you can see the storm starting to move through. 

We had a wonderful time and loved getting to see everyone!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Randoms and Updates

Ugh, I've been an AWFUL blogger!  My computer's hard drive was having major issues, so it went to the shop for a little while.  I just got it back two days ago, but we were enjoying the 4th and getting Bech packed for Honduras so I've been busy with that.

So here is what we've got on our plate right now:

* Bech left this morning and is spending the next 8 days in Honduras on a missions trip with his parent's church.  I am excited for him, but Jack and I are definitely going to miss him.

* Bech and I need to find a place to live in Baton Rouge.  We went this past Tuesday, but it was so depressing.  I know I have a couple of Baton Rouge readers--any advice???

*  I am going to put pictures up soon from our family vacation to Boca Grande.  We got caught in Tropical Storm Debby, so we weren't outside much.  But we had a great time, regardless.

*  I also need to put up Jack's year update!  

* Monday we celebrated my 27th birthday!  Bech's family took me to my favorite restaurant (Little Tokyo) for lunch, then my family ate at Babalu's for dinner.  Both meals were so yummy, and we had a great time.

That's about it for now.  I'm going to try to get back into my normal blog groove!