Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mid Move...

Whew!  I am TIRED!  

We started moving on Thursday, and I am seriously just now getting a chance to relax.  We moved everything in on Thursday (with the help of Bech's two brothers), unpacked a little and spent the night.  We headed back to Brookhaven on Friday to pick up Jack (I spent my first night away from him!  Bella  and Doc kept him so we could move in peace) then headed back to Baton Rouge.

It has been a long few days, but we are almost done (okay well maybe 75%...that's almost, right?).  I like to go room by room.  With the exception of hanging his curtains and pictures on the wall, Jack's room is done.  Again, with the exception of pictures, our room is done.  The living room is getting close and so is the kitchen.  So, yay!  Almost there.

I will put pictures up soon.  I love this apartment!  It is a little dated, but it is clean and it is big!  We have so much storage space, and that makes me so happy!

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