Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 Goal Update

1.  Learn French
I wouldn't necessarily claim to "know" French now, but I passed my reading test!  This is a goal I still want to work on, because I want to be able to read and speak it well, but academically I completed this goal!

2.  Pass my comprehensive tests
 Still working on these.  I have been studying some (but I need to study a LOT more!), and I will take them in September.

3.  Have consistent quiet times
Yay!  I have gotten better at this!  One thing that has helped is my iphone.  I pull up my Bible app and read through several chapters each night.  I would like to add to this, but seeing as I wasn't consistent at all these past two years while in grad school, I am happy with this progress!

4.  Learn how to use my camera!

5.  Lose 20 to 25 pounds.
Since I wrote this, I have!  I would like to still lose about 8 or 10 pounds, but I technically accomplished this goal.

6.  Plan a first birthday party for Jack Attack
 Done!  I think it turned out pretty cute.

7. Move
We're done!!!  We still have to hang up pictures and get dining room chairs, but we are moved!

8.  Clean our apartment/Get rid of tons of stuff!
Well, we completed this.  I feel like we got rid of a good amount of stuff, but we could always get rid of more.

9.  Memorize scripture
Again, a big fat fail.  I really want to work on this.

10.  Spend more time with Bech
We  have done okay with this one--not great.  But we just met a sweet girl at church Sunday who babysits, so we want to hire her and have a date night soon!

11.  Keep up on academics while out of school/Present a paper at a conference
I did present a paper in March, but now I need to work on the first part.  I have been doing lots of academic reading for comps, so I guess the real test will be after that's over.  I also want to try to present another paper at a conference this next year, so I need to start researching that!

12.  Sit by the pool/beach and RELAX!
 I definitely accomplished this!  I spent a good amount of time this summer laying out and eating a snow cone.  Yum!

I'd say I've completed about 7 1/2 of my goals so far...not bad!  Now I need to get working on the rest of the goals!

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