Tuesday, May 17, 2011

36 weeks

*** I don't have a picture of myself this week. It is really rainy here, so I haven't really tried to do anything with my hair. So I have not been looking very good most days. But I googled 36 week pregnant, and found this image. I guess this is what Jack looks like right about now? ***

How far along: 36 weeks and 2 days

Baby Size: 18.5 inches, 5.75 pounds

Maternity clothes: Almost everything. And it's been a lot warmer, so I have been able to get all of my summer things out. Hopefully I can wear some of those things soon!

Sleep: It's been okay. Plus, I am done with school, so I can take some naps if I want to.

Best moment this week: "Nesting"--I have been kicking it in gear to get everything ready for Jack. All of his diapers are washed, and I sized (based on the average newborn ish size) his FuzziBunz. Bech cleaned up all of the stuff in the nursery and is almost done with the dresser. So, except for his bedding, Jack's nursery is really close to being done!

Food cravings: Diet Dr. Pepper, anything cold

What I miss: being able to bend over. I am even having trouble putting on shoes...thank goodness for flip flops!

What I'm looking forward to: this Saturday, I have a church baby shower!

Milestones: less than a week until Jack is full-term!

Pregnancy symptoms: heartburn, going to the bathroom all the dang time, um, a massive belly!

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