Tuesday, June 17, 2008

back from the beach...

bech and i just got back from a week in gulf shores, alabama. we had the best time. my whole extended family was there, minus katy (my sister who is working at the heritage foundation in dc this summer), my 23 year old cousin bryan (he works and lives in chicago), and my 18 year old cousin brett (he's teaching at a baseball camp, i think...something like that).

anyway, everyone else was there...we mostly just were lazy and hung out on the sand. my little cousins, joseph and logan were there, and they added energy to everything. my uncles built two amazing castles (this is a tradition for them)...mom took lots of pictures, so i'll try to get them from her and put some on here. while they were building the castles, we had about 15 to 20 kids just come up and join bob and mike while they were building. it was hilarious...the kids all started calling my uncle bob "uncle bob." we then referred to the group as uncle bobs daycare.

we played several board games, went shopping, etc. oh and we went to fairhope for an afternoon/night. the last time i went to fairhope was the day after i got back from malawi the fist time. it is the cutest little town. we called my friend bahen up, and he met us for dinner. then my family hung out at a friends familys pier...gorgeous!

so now we are in jackson for the week. we have been getting things organized in bechs room (the stuff that we need this summer we are keeping there). we are also planning a great dinner for bech's mom, miss karey. her birthday is thursday. last year, they were in italy for young life, for her birthday. so this year, we are creating an italian dinner. bech and hunter (bech's brother) are making homemade spaghetti...everything from the noodles to the sauce. i admit, i was skeptical, but they made a batch of homemade noodles last night and they were amazing! my course is dessert, so i have to start looking through recipes.

next post...wyoming!!!

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Courtney said...

Maybe I will consider that whole malawi thing. ;)
seriously, i'm not sure i want to finish the phd. i think i've decided that i really don't want to teach after all and so maybe i can get a job like i want with just a masters. that would be pretty freaking sweet. and max has never really wanted to do his masters here. he only ever started considering it because of me. i think he's just going to start applying to grad programs and jobs and see what happens and if he likes an offer he'll take it. i've kinda been scoping out jobs in seattle (since that's where he wants to go to grad school) when i have a little free time, but i haven't done any hardcore looking. this whole decision thing is being stressful. i don't see how you did it when you were deciding b/w millsaps and ole miss!!!