Wednesday, July 23, 2008

less than 2 weeks!

Okay, well we are leaving in less than two weeks! panic mood has set in. I wake up in the morning and wonder what in the world we were thinking, leaving our families for a year! We are both excited, and i know we will be fine when we get over there, but right now we are both so nervous!!!

We just got back from a trip to St. Louis and Branson. We needed to pick Blaise and Ansley up from K-2 (Kanakuk), and dad wanted to take us to a Cardinals game. We had a great time. I got to visit friends at K-Kauia (spelling?) and K-Kountry...but it made me homesick for kamp!

Dad got his first senior coffee on the trip! At McDonalds, you get the senior discount when you're 50, and he has been so excited about this!

Dad and Bech in front of Busch Stadium!

Here is Papa and me on my birthday.

Mom and Dad went to D.C. this summer to visit Katy, my sister. She is interning at the Heritage Foundation. They are with Ed Meece (spelling?) in this picture.

For Bech's moms birthday, Bech and his brother made homemade it is drying was amazing!

Here we are at Cantina Loredo, at the Branson Landing, after picking Blaise and Ansley up. This is one of Ansley's favorite restaurants...she LOVES the guacomole.

And, finally, one more picture in front of Busch Stadium...

On another note, Bech and I have figured out video chatting on skype. We also set his mom and my mom up on it. If you want to talk to us next year, get skype...our name is "marleyevans"...okay, so it's not very original!


The Robbins & Co said...

Hey you two! We are feeling a little bit anxious as well. We are praying for y'all...that you would have a wonderful 2 weeks here in the States with your family and that traveling to Malawi won't be too eventful:) We arrive August 19th, so we will see you then!

Lain and Tatum said...

Hey Marley and Bech-Best of luck on your big move!
Lain is back today (yea!)-- missing Georgia, of course, but she's doing great. Here's their blog:
so that you can watch Georgia grow while you're gone.

We miss you!
Lara and Lain

Liz T. said...

hey Marley & Bech! hope your trip went well! We'll be checking your blog often! I have you bookmarked!