Friday, October 31, 2008

okay, as promised, a picture post!!!
here is bech eating gelatto at mamma mia's at old town mall. this is a special treat we love to do. the ice cream in malawi is gross...but the gelatto at mamma mias is wonderful!

here we are on our holiday at nkhotakota.

here our my 7th graders on reading day. 2nd row: caleb (usa), robert (new zealand), amungwa (half american, half malawian), sho (japan), gerald (malawi), gerteen (holland), sion (korea), maria (malawi), shalom (i think malawi), shannon (zimbabwe). 1st row: me (duh!), shea (usa), layomi (um, nigerian, i think?).
2 others weren't there yet, yodit (half american, half malawian) and caterina (malawian)

this is my favorite baby at the crisis nursery. i have no idea how to spell his name, but its something like chikoko, maybe? isn't he beautiful?

there i am with chikoko and delola. emily and i call delola "miss priss." this nickname totally fits her...she has tons of attitude and is so much fun!


RCO said...

GREAT pictures!!! Thank you so much for posting them. It is so special "seeing" you all and your life there in Malawi. You remain much in our thoughts and especially our prayers over here in Brookhaven.

katybraden said...

ok, so top picture of bech-- that sweet deer in headlights look- ever notice how bech can manage to look totally nice and like a total creeper at the same time.

haha, multipersonality maybe?

Anonymous said...

reading day looked like fun! where do you come up with ideas for your classes?

Anonymous said...

Hi Marley.

The WACC Team made it back to California. I left Beck the rest of my paints and a little bit of glitter for the art class. It's with Dr. Boersma. I hope he can use them.

I really love the pictures of the tortilla making. Now just work on the beans and you'll be good to go!

You are doing great things. God Bless you both.

Courtney said...

I finished the series. I feel lame for doing it that quickly. Any suggestions on other shows to watch?