Tuesday, January 20, 2009

happy birthday katy!

it's my sister's birthday! actually it was yesterday, but (TIA) the internet hasn't been working since sunday afternoon. so here is a little picture post dedicated to katy (who is now 25)...and she's so special, that america had a national holiday in honor of her yesterday!

that's me on the left...we loved that big yellow chair!
my nana made us these dress up outfits for christmas one year
aw...isn't she cute?

okay, because the internet is so slow here and i am hoping blogger will let me even get this post up, you can go to her site (www.katybraden.blogspot.com) and see more recent pictures of her! she is about to graduate law school and she just won an award for her legal memo, so you can see that she is very smart. she loves sushi, the beach, washington d.c. (where hopefully she'll live so i can come visit her and we will go to l'oreal plaza for margaritas!), "once upon a star," and "all i want for christmas." her favorite game in the whole wide world is alligator tag. she is awesome, and you should read her site and be her friend. plus she makes the BEST orange sherbert slushies ever!

i love you katy...happy birthday from malawi!


katybraden said...

Thanks sister!! I miss you! 6 weeks, 6 weeks.

RCO said...

Special sisters and a very special post. I'm so excited that you two will be together soon. :o)