Wednesday, February 4, 2009

we have been so bad about posting! i will give a quick update today, then post more later today (or tomorrow).

part of the reason we haven't been posting is because we have visitors! josh and mary elizabeth (bech's brother and sister in law) are here visiting us for almost 2 weeks. we have to be the most spoiled missionaries ever! we are enjoying showing them our life here...i think they really love malawi.

i am really excited about the response i had about charles! Mrs. Passwater, i will go the market and pick out some fabric for placemats and napkins for you...what colors do you like? also, mallory, i'll put the pictures up of the aprons, and if you like them, i'll put in an order with charles. charles also just made me some BEAUTIFUL stockings! i am so happy with them! josh and mary elizabeth just love charles and have been giving him tons of business, which is good.

this past weekend we took josh and mary elizabeth to the lake and then to mua mission (more on all of that later).

okay, just wanted to let you guys know we are still here...i better go teach my history class, though...we miss you all!

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