Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sewing Project

...And I'm back!  This past month has been nothing short of crazy.  We had a 2 year old birthday, my sister's wedding, a quick trip to the Ozarks, a quick trip to Oxford and Memphis, an Evans family vacation at a lake house, and now it's pack pack pack, apply apply apply, and keep a 2 year old happy.

But Jack's grandparents (both sets) have spent the past 6 days spoiling Jack like crazy so that Bech and I could pack in peace.  I'd say we are about 90% of the way done.  All that's left is things that we are still currently using and some of Bech's pottery (and that is mostly because he needed some special packing materials that will get in today).

Yesterday, after I packed in the morning and translated some Vergil in the afternoon, I knew that it was time for a break.  I picked up some coordinating fabric last week at the Cotton Patch in Brookhaven (if you are local and don't know about this place, you have to go visit!  They have amazing prices on fabric!).

Jack needs some fall clothes.  He has SO many summer outfits, and that's great in the South.  He wore short jonjons until October here.  But that is not going to fly up in Pennsylvania.  And if you've read this blog for long, you've probably figure out that I am sort of very particular/vain about what Jack wears.  I hit up Remember Nguyen's memorial day sale so he's set on church clothes.  And I've got a bunch from Expectations after Christmas sale as well.  But I needed some just everyday clothes.  

I've always loved the look of Pipper's patterned boy pants, and I love me a cute applique top.  So I decided to make some!

I got these fabrics for $6 for 3/4 a yard (from the Cotton Patch).  I decided to do reversible so that I could cuff the pants and to add an extra layer for warmth.  I might make a pair or two of non-reversible (but still lined) pants as well.

The first pair--I am going to get a "J" appliqued in the polka dot fabric.

The second pair (and probably my favorite print)--I am going to get a green tree appliqued.

The third pair.  I saved this one for last because of the stripes.  I am going to get an owl (there's an owl in the print) appliqued in the stripe.  Also, I still have to the elastic in the waist.

I had a Simplicity pattern for the pants.  I added on 3 inches on the last two pairs (I forgot on the first!) so that I could cuff them.  I made them in 3T, because I do have a larger child.  And if they're a little big this year, then we'll get 2 years out of them!

I'm not a good sewer by any means.  All I've done before is a couple of sets of curtains.  But I found TONS of good resources online:

This girl explains things really well.  Her pants aren't meant to be worn in reverse, plus she uses seam bias, so I couldn't follow some of her instructions.  But I used a lot of her tips.

This one was definitely the most helpful, just because I was making the same style.  She doesn't explain the cuffs very well, but everything else was great.

This explains the cuffs a little more clearly.

If you want to add outside pockets.

A helpful video.

Again, I am not a sewer...these were so easy!  And I got a lot faster.  The first pair took about 2 hours, the second 1 1/2, and the third about an hour.  I am definitely going to make more.  Plus with the price for the fabric, each pair was about $12.75...I could not have bought similar pants for that price!

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