Friday, January 23, 2015

5 on Friday

O     N     E

I finally updated my blog!  Now you can tell that we have 2 kids...poor Gil was getting the shaft.

I made the header and the about me using picmonkey and tutorials from Through Clouded Glass.  It's super easy to do!

T     W     O

I blogged last week about the 4 month sleep regression.  

Well we have been in hardcore sleep training around here.  I was totally slow on actually working with Gil on this.  It was just easier to rock him to sleep.  But we have been doing lots of cry it out and it's working!  He is learning how to self soothe and put himself to sleep (and back to sleep).  Last night I fed him three times (I'm not going to work on cutting that out anytime soon because he is little and does his best nursing at night) and then went in one other time to check on him because he was crying.  I patted his head and let him cry a little more and he was asleep in a couple of minutes!

Of course, the first couple nights were not that easy, but I really do think he is getting there!  And I feel like a different person once I got a little more sleep (imagine what a full night will feel like!).

I read some chapters from this book, and they really helped.  

T     H     R     E     E

An update on Weight Watchers.  After the second weeks weigh in, I had lost a total of 4 1/2 pounds.  Not bad!

These are my current favorite dessert.  They are tiny little ice creams that are 2 points each...perfect!

I am also still loving all of the new recipes from my SkinnyTaste cookbook.

F     O     U     R

We got some snow this week!  It snowed a little earlier this week and then off and on all day Wednesday.  

Which means outside looks like this!  Beautiful, right?

I just checked out the weather app, and it looks like we are due for some more snow this weekend.  Jack absolutely loves playing in the snow (and Bech is a sweet daddy who plays with him!).  I think we will have a fun weekend, with lots of playing outside and hot cocoa inside!

F     I     V     E

I finally started reading Bread and Wine and it is every bit as amazing as I thought it would be.  It's been on my kindle for a while (my family shares an account), but I didn't read it.  It just seemed like the sort of book I would want to own and hold in my hands.  And I was completely right.

I am sure I will end up writing a whole post on my love for this book, but for now, just know that it is such a good book.  I am loving every page of it (and I can't wait to try some of the recipes!).

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Sarah Denley said...

Your design is so cute. I bough Bread and Wine probably and year ago and I still need to read it!