Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Patch

Y'all know I love fall.  And fall in New England?  Perfection!  My mom was just here for a week, so we took her to one of my favorite fall events--the Harvest Festival at Sam Mazza's.

I love this event because you can take a hayride to get a pumpkin, they have fun kid activities, and they have wood fired pizza!  It was the perfect day, too.  A little chill in the air but warm enough to not wear jackets for most of it.

Jack LOVED playing with the bubbles.  And I love this year's pumpkin shirt (yay for smockadot's cheap instagram deals!).

I love this little boy.

There are a few things that Vermonters just LOVE, and near the top of that list is wood fired pizza.  And I am a-okay with that.  This was an apple, cheddar, bacon pizza.  Ohmylanta, it was SO good!

My two boys on the hayride. 

Wait, what is this?  An actual cute pose?

Oh, just kidding.

Also, Jack loves the green pumpkins.  But we did end up taking home an orange pumpkin.

Gil was trying to roll this pumpkin.  He thinks he's a big kid.

I love this picture because I have one of Bech holding Jack and making this exact same face.

And here we go.  Notice the size disparity.  Jack is almost 5 months in this picture and bigger than his almost 13 month shrimp of a brother in the first picture.

This picture makes me so happy!  My family, lots of bright colors, fall and pumpkins and FLANNEL!

Goodness, I love fall!


Courtney said...

Yay for fall festivals!
BTW, it's still kind of weird to see you with short hair.

Katy Robertson said...

Um, that picture of you, Gil and Jack should be frame - 2 boys looking at the camera and smiling -- RARE.

Also, I love when we flash back to how fat Jack was. I mean, huge. Kid was a chubster.