Thursday, September 1, 2016

First Day of Kindergarten

Oh, goodness, I have been dreading/looking forward to this day for so many months!  It is over (2nd day of kindergarten was today) and I can say that it was not that bad.  I only cried a little, and I think Jack had a great time (I knew he would).

Tuesday morning, we had a little visit the classroom day for the kids.  Jack's teacher created a scavenger hunt that led the kids all around the classroom.  Jack didn't really talk to the other kids but he did enjoy checking out the toys.  The other parents, Bech, and I all talked to each other and tried with little success to get our kids to meet.

Jack was SUPER excited to come back the next day, but a little nervous.

Alright, here's where I have to be honest.  I knew that we would be hurrying Wednesday morning.  I knew that we could be a little grumpy because it's morning.  So I staged these pictures last Friday at Jack's school.  Yup, we snuck in the school to take these pictures.  Mom of the year right here.

This picture, though, is all Jack.  He brought the apple and he posed himself up on that rock outside of his school.  This kid...

Also, we took Gil along.  Not the most photogenic kid out there.

I think we managed to get some sweet shots of Jackie boy.  He looks so old to me here!  We can't take first day of school pictures without our arms crossed.

Remind anyone of another first day of school picture?

Ah, so excited for kindergarten!!!

Thank goodness I took those pictures early, because it was pouring down rain yesterday morning.  And of course, I read the wrong bus schedule, and we almost missed the bus.  We were, luckily, ready early (because I wanted to give Jack time to slowly get on the bus!) and were able to run over to the bus just in time.  Jack got confused when he got on, so he is now not the biggest bus fan (let's hope being on time today helped that!).

He looks so little getting on that bus!

"Slow down 
Won’t you stay here a minute more 
I know you want to walk through the door 
But it’s all too fast 
Let’s make it last a little while 
I pointed to the sky and now you wanna fly 
I am your biggest fan 
I hope you know I am 
But do you think you can somehow 
Slow down"

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Courtney said...

Jack looks so grown up in these pictures!!! And I love that he hasn't grown out of the crossed arms. And go you for getting first day of school pictures early! Way to think ahead. I hope the bus got better and that he started to interact with the other kids.