Friday, August 3, 2018

June Books

June was a medium month for me.  We didn't finish school until the 15th here, and then I had another week of in service.  I made up for my medium month with a pretty big month in July.  In fact, as of today (August 3rd), I have read 63 books so far this year!

Ender in Exile

Ever since I read Ender's Game in February, I've been wanting to dive back into more of Ender's world.  I know this one isn't next in the series, but, sequentially, it was next.  I did miss some of what happened in other books, so I need to go back and read more.  Trust me, reading more Ender books is NOT a punishment.

I don't want to really say much of anything that happens, because I don't want to spoil or give away any plot points.  But I really enjoyed this book!

Turtles All the Way Down

I am not normally a John Green fan.  I find his dialogue to be pretentious and annoying, honestly.  But a student was reading this book, and I was intrigued. 

I wouldn't say that I am now a Green fan, but I did enjoy this book.  The main character, Aza, is struggling with OCD when she, through the urging of her Star Wars fan fiction writing best friend, is thrust into the search for a lost millionaire and into a relationship with a childhood best friend.  I loved the character development in this book.  Even if you don't normally like Green, this book is worth a read.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

My friend, Amanda, told me several times to read this book.  And I didn't listen.  Well I did, eventually.  

Ohmylanta, this book is just DELIGHTFUL.  Laura Jean writes a letter to each boy she has ever loved.  But of course, she doesn't mail them.  But of course, they somehow get mailed.  And hilariousness ensues, as well as strained relationship, new friendships, and some really sweet moments.

This book is, thankfully, the first in a trilogy.  And, also thankfully, Netflix made a movie (maybe show?  I'm not sure...) based on the books!

The Ensemble

I have to be honest (oh please, when am I ever not?).  I wasn't that into Modern Mrs. Darcys summer reading list.  But this title did jump out and catch my eye.  

Literally caught my eye.  

I mean, that cover?  Those colors?  How could I say no, especially when the library actually had it in?

This book is about a string quartet, about the relationships between those people and how they grow and deepen over the course of the years.  The plot didn't really matter; rather, the book is more about the people and how they change.  I didn't expect to love this book, but I really did!

The Hazel Wood

Ah, another beautiful book cover.  Seriously, book jacket designers, this is your year!

This book was in that set I bought for my students this spring.  It's been getting a lot of press, so I put it near the top of my reading list.

Alice has been on the run her whole life, but she has no idea why.  After her mom is taken, she has to go to her grandmother's property in New York, her grandmother who is famous for writing a book of fairy tales.  Alice discovers that the tales are real, and she has to figure out how to fix everything and how to get out of her own fairy tale.

This is perfect for people who love fantasy and fairy tale, but with a little darkness thrown in.

Murder, She Wrote: The Queen's Jewels

Ah, another Murder, She Wrote book.  These are such a delight for me!  I actually listened to this book, which I prefer.  The person who reads these sounds just like Jessica Fletcher!

Fletcher is on a trans Atlantic cruise when she gets caught up in a jewel theft.  The perfect read (or listen) for those fellow 80 year olds at heart.

A Gentleman in Moscow

Another book that people recommended to me over and over, and yet I put it off.  I thought this book sounded boring.  I thought it would be a slow read.  And so, over and over, I decided not to read it, yet.  I kept telling myself I would get around to it.

Oh, I am SO glad I finally read this book!  A Gentleman in Moscow might be my favorite book thus far this year.  It is about Count Alexander Rostov who is imprisoned in a hotel in Russia.  He would have been killed, along with other nobles, but was kept alive because he wrote a pro-communism poem several years before.  This book tells of his years in the Metropol.  I loved how this book had an overarching plot, but it read slowly.  

I know, I complained earlier about thinking it would be a slow read.  But I didn't imagine it would be like this, little wonderful stories that I read slowly because I couldn't bear for the book to end!

Do yourself a favor and read this book!

Halfway through this years books!

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