Tuesday, May 6, 2008

won't you be our neighbor?

okay, so i'm going to use this post to make a plug for ABC. they need teachers for the academy for next year. they are still short 2 preschool teachers, 2 2nd grade teachers, and a sixth grade teacher. if you have any interest in Africa, ABC is a great organization to go through! plus, you could hang out with bech and i! you have to raise support, just like us, but i think they will have housing available for singles. if you are a couple, you'll probably be in the same boat as us, but then you can live in an apartment next to us!

ABC really is a wonderful ministry...so please, if you feel any tugging on your heart to go to Africa, email me (marleyevans@gmail.com) or call me (601-757-9094)...i would love to tell you all about it!

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Anonymous said...

I told one of my second grade teachers she needs to go. She wants to get her kids graduated from high school first though-- ahh people people. I'm going to work on another one tomorrow. Laura Ann Walker-- you know her?