Friday, May 2, 2008

we loaded up the u-haul on wednesday and took it down to clinton. i thought that we had a lot of stuff for the carton, but i was wrong. compared to everyone else, we have only a small to medium amound. i didn't realize everyone would be sending so much stuff! donna (a woman who works at ABC) said they would definately have to send two cartons. i really hope our stuff goes out in the first carton! i packed our sheets, towels, blankets, water filter, mosquito nets, etc. in those boxes! i mean, we can do without a lot of that stuff (like my latin books or bechs art books) for a while, but we need to sleep and bathe! so everyone just pray really hard that the cartons will get there on time, or even early!

i feel very relieved, though. i had been working on these boxes and the furniture for the past month, so a huge task is now over. plus, we have sent out our support letters (those went out almost two weeks ago) and got our passports. now all we have to do is:

- get a couple more shots (my dad is just going to give them to us at his clinic)
- pack up our little house and take it down to a storage place in brookhaven
- pack our suitcases for africa, which will hold clothes (although we packed a bunch already on the carton), some toiletries, and last minute things we didnt think of) basically this one should not be too hard
- spend as much time as possible with our families!!!

i had been mostly just excited about this trip, up until about a week ago. i was driving home from work and started to think about what it really meant to be away from our parents for a year. i am a huge homebody. i love my family and i love spending time with them. i talk to my mom usually two or three times a day. i can't really do that this year. i can't drive home for the weekend. i am so excited about all that next year holds, but i know that i will probably have to deal with incredible homesickness.

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katybraden said...

you know how when we were little and mom would find me sneaking into your crib.

how am i going to make it a whole year without you? can i sneak in a suitcase?