Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More pictures...

Here are more pictures, out of order. This is a picture Marley took on our way to the lake. This picture now seems funny to me, only two days later. What was so remarkable to us were the valleys and mountains we were driving through, but as I consider who I'm presenting this to (all of you back home in America), I'm thinking that the extraordinarily balanced bicycler will seem to you to be the obvious subject of the picture. But this is so ordinary here, these huge loads--sometimes one to two other people even--being carried on the backs of bicycles, that we missed this part of the picture for the mountains. I have seen men ride with stacks of wood that rise up into the sky and curve over their head. Here I am, with all of my objects lovingly arranged for the camera, immediately after getting back from the lake on Sunday. This reminds me of the pictures children get with Goofy or Mickey at Disneyworld. I'm so satisfied in this picture. There is a rough, wooden bowl, about seven woven baskets, two beautiful watering cans (made by a crippled tinsmith at Four Seasons nursery), and two pots (on the far left) made by a man named Rickson. Most of these baskets were bought this weekend in Salima. All of the materials needed for basketry grow by the lake, so this is where most of the baskets in the city come from.
Here is a good picture of the three gardeners teaching us how to build a fence. Fenton on the left, Mustaf in the distance, and Jonah on the right.
Here is a good picture of our two new baskets (on the floor). I'm posting this picture without Marley knowing. She is so good for me--always reminding me that not everyone is as obsessed with handmade objects, or interested in seeing still lives of them (or tools) on our blog. But I am, and I can't help it. When we arrived, I felt (rightly so) like we had left everything behind--mostly things I didn't realize I was leaving behind--and despaired for a few days. One of the things I left behind was the life of an art student, spending almost my entire day making things, with any materials I could want at my disposal. These handmade things have held me over until I can set up shop and begin making beautiful, functional things myself. On top of the basket on the right is a woven hat I bought.
Marley and I miss all of you so much! We love you!


Liz T. said...

Bech, I love seeing the handmade baskets and such...how cool! and nice you can support the local artists...I love looking at these pictures. I guess you leaving your art supplies behind would be like me leaving my instruments behind...I wouldn't know what to do with music without them, and I don't really sing that well! So anyways, I can't imagine what that would be like, leaving all that behind, but glad you can hold it over with some of that stuff. We love keeping up with you and Marley via your blog, keep it up! :-)

RCO said...

Another great post with lots of interesting pictures. And you're exactly right about the man on the bicycle! It's so good being able to stay in touch with you and Marley through your blog site.

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

Mar: Well, my parents don't know Max well enough to adopt him, but my cousin's mom cried when my cousin and boyfriend broke up for a few months (they're back together and married now) so I'm certain her parents would keep her husband if they didn't make it. :)
I kinda want to try New England for a while so I'll def look for jobs there. I'm liking the Yale thing. And Bryn Mawr is only about 10 miles away from Philly and I've seen a lot of jobs posted from there so then we'd only be just a few minutes away from each other if I ended up at Philly and you at Bryn Mawr. That would be cool. And I should totally watch some GG but I don't have time right now b/c I have an exam this week, one next week, and have to give a seminar the week after that. Maybe after then I can recover from all my illnesses over the past month and get everything on track.
Hope things are going well for y'all! Miss you both!