Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sour cream!!!

they had sour cream at foodworths (one of the grocery stores...very small...if you saw it, you would probably laugh at my calling it a grocery store, but it is!) when we first got here. i loved it...i am not normally a sour cream kind of person, but i love it on baked potatoes here. then suddenly, about a month ago, there was no more sour cream :( it was a very sad last month...okay, well i am being melodramatic, but i really did crave sour cream. its like that here...you never know if you will find something at the store. i mean, imagine, going to wal-mart and not finding a single thing of sour cream...not just low-fat or a certain brand you like...i mean NO sour cream. thats how it is here...crazy...

so anyway, i had a rough day today. the girl who teaches ballet with me on tuesday was gone (her cousin in town and she told me about it ahead a time), so it was just me...just me and 12 3 to 6 year olds. needless to say, madness ensued...it was a rough ballet class. i mean the girls seemed to have a good time but the throng of parents watching probably didn't think it was all that great. so after class was over, emily, bech, and i headed to foodworths. i had only eaten an apple all day, so i was starving! all i could think about was buying a bag of barbeque fritos...they are really good here for some reason. they have had them at foodworths everytime i have been, so of course i assumed they would be there! and of course...TIA...they were not.

but guess what was? that's right...SOUR CREAM! and i got three things of it!!! whoooo! its amazing that sour cream can make me that happy, but it can! i mean i am so happy about this! so we decided that when God closes the door on bbq fritos, He opens up the door to sour cream. okay, not sure that is theologically correct, but its how i feel!

on another note, i have a prayer request. i have a student who is one point away from failing my class. i just don't know what to do about it. i mean, i have given study guides, extra credit opportunities, etc. so please pray that i will figure out what he needs me to do, how i can help him. he's malawian, and went to a malawian school for several years, so he's just not up to par with the other kids.

the sour cream!!! only one kind, but its good!

bech got me roses for our anniversary...they are like the ones i carried in my bouquet.

our wedding cake! since we couldn't eat our actual wedding cake on our first anniversary, katy sent us cake mix and icing.

my homemade tortillas! i'm not going to be opening up a mexican restaurant anytime soon, but they were pretty good, if i do say so myself. not very symmetrical, but i'll work on that next time.

emily and josh came over for mexican night...here emily is helping make the tortillas.


Courtney said...

I'm betting that the sour cream and the fritos taste better there because it's a reminder of home. Yay for mexican night! And the roses look pretty! :)

katybraden said...

did you put the marmelade in the cake?? is your stove working?

i have tried to call you every day for 4 days now and it wont go through. why?

Sherry Adams said...

Hi Marley, Glad you are starting to adjust to TIA. I am really jealous I had read in your post about a Seven Eleven and now a Foodworth's with bbq fritos!!!!!! I have a subtitution list if you want me to send. I have used plain yogart in recipes for sour cream---not bad. Let me hear from you. Sherrykadams@gmail.com

O the flowers are so pretty --tell Bech he did a good job!

RCO said...

Thank you for another newsy post! You and Bech have a way of helping us feel in touch with you. And the pictures add so much. I pray the Lord will help you to know what to do about your little Malawian pupil. By the way, what's the status of your hot water heater?

Lara said...

Marley and Bech-It's so good to catch up and know that y'all are doing so well!
Enjoy all that sour cream!!!
Hello to the boy and girl babysitter from the kids.
- Lara dnd Doug