Thursday, January 8, 2009


Sorry it's been so long since I last updated. We have had a crazy last week!

First of all, I am now teaching History and Literature. The teacher for these classes went back home over Christmas, a new teacher came, who is a science teacher. So the switched worked out! I am really excited to be teaching these classes. But basically, I had been working the first two weeks of break on lesson plans for science, so I had to get to work on my new classes!

Second of all, we are now on campus! The Boersmas (the dad was our current doctor) headed back to the states at Christmas. Their house is really the High's (the future doctor) but they aren't able to come yet. So until they come, we get to live in the house. But, the downside of that is, if and when they come, we have to move out. We will get a months notice, so that we can try to find another off campus place. We are very excited to be on campus now, but we also don't want to get too attached. We know that we might have to move before the semester is up, which would be hard. But the new doctor is really needed! Oh well, I am a good little Presbyterian, and will just trust that God is in control!

We are also sad to be leaving one of the gardeners at our old complex. His name is Lucius, and he's a really great guy.

One of the upsides of living on campus is cheaper, unlimited internet! Yay! Which means, more picture updates! We might even get ambitious and try a video internet...I wouldn't be counting on that anytime soon, but we will put pictures up more often!

Okay, I guess that's about it for now!


Megan said...

hey, neighbor (sort of)!! yay for moving on campus. don't get too excited about the internet though. :-D

RCO said...

Marley, thank you for the update. Your mom had mentioned to me yesterday that you and Bech had moved to the ABC campus. That move and new classes...more changes in your lives. I think that a key word for missionaries/overseas workers is the word flexible! I continue to follow your lives and adventures with interest as I continue to remember you in my prayers.

Liz T. said...

i'm glad y'all get to be on campus for a while! :) praying for you guys!