Tuesday, August 18, 2009

settled in

We have a working computer!!! I picked it up today from the Apple store. Let me just say, I absolutely love the Apple store. First of all, it is just a really fun store to be in. I love being surrounded by all of the Macs (maybe that seems a little weird…I’m sure some of ya’ll understand what I mean). Second of all, everyone who works there is wonderful. Seriously, all of their employees are so helpful and so kind. My computer repair should have cost a LOT. It wasn’t cheap, but the guy who helped me figured out a way to make it a lot cheaper.

Alright, enough about my love for the Apple store. We are pretty much settled into our lives in Jackson. Bech started work Monday at the Mustard Seed. The Mustard Seed is a home and day center for mentally retarded adults. Bech works with the “seedsters” (their nickname, not mine), during the day. The great thing is that they sell painted pottery as a fundraiser, so Bech gets to help with that. It’s not full time ceramics or anything, but it is still some!

I am still really liking my job. The Millsaps students move in this weekend, and we have a core group retreat next weekend. I am excited for Millsaps Christian Fellowship to start up.

I also feel like we are starting to get settled in our church. We have been going to early church, which I enjoy. Ligon Duncan, the head preacher, is on sabbatical right now, so Derek Thomas has been preaching. Wow…that is a treat! Dr. Thomas is such an amazing preacher. Plus, he is from Wales so he has a great accent. Dr. Duncan will start preaching again in a few weeks (he also is a great speaker), and we’ll get to hear Dr. Thomas on Sunday nights.

Our house is almost unpacked. After living in the Boersma’s house (the house on campus we moved into in January), this house seems a little tiny. But we love it. It has wood floors (which is good…I hate carpet) and lots of old house character. Plus it has a gas fireplace. I will try to put some pictures up this week, if we get some paintings and prints hung.

I am missing Malawi a lot. I didn’t realize I would miss it this much. Mostly, I miss the people. I talked to Emily Ketchum Friday before they left (Josh and Emily are going back for another year). It made me so sad to not be going back with them. I know we made the right decision, but it is still hard.

You can be praying for all of the new people over there right now. I know they are dealing with so many emotions! I am sure they are freaking out in the grocery stores and crying when the power goes out, just like I was.

Alright, well I need to work on some other stuff. I will get the pictures up this week!

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