Monday, July 27, 2009

Our computer is currently not working (which sucks, but I am so glad it waited til we got back to America to work!), so I don't have any fun picture posts :( Sorry...when we get it working again, I will post pictures of what we've been up to.

This week is going to be crazy! I babysat today and will babysit on Wednesday, which is a good source of income. Plus I have work and some college activities this week. Plus, we move in this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! We are very excited about this! I painted some today and will finish up painting the kitchen tomorrow. Then we will move everything in on Thursday and Friday.

I am just so ready to unpack everything. We packed everything up last May. So it has been 14 months since I have seen all of this stuff. I am most excited about my KitchenAid mixer (especially after mixing cookie dough by hand this past year!). But I also can't wait to sit on our couch! It will be like Christmas for us!

We still haven't sold our car. I have just stopped worrying about it. It will sell...I guess its just not supposed to sell right now. So I am just trusting that God will work it all out in His time.

Bech's eye problems seem to be okay, as of now. He is in major job hunt mode, and nothing is working out. So please pray that he will find a job!

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