Monday, October 19, 2009

the grove

We had a wonderful, albeit tiring weekend. Friday night, we ate at Sal & Mookies with Cortney and good! The humus there might be better than Keifers, if that is even possible.

Saturday morning, we got up at the crack of dawn to head to Oxford. The game wasn't until 6, so we didn't need to leave that early, but we wanted to be in Oxford for most of the day. We pulled in at 10. Mom and I got to do some furniture shopping (I found a really cute end table for our living I just have to sand and paint it), while Bech hung out some with Hunter. We hung out at the condo and made pepperoni bread (best stuff ever) and a dip, then headed to the grove.

If you have never been to the grove, you are missing out. Basically, the campus of Ole Miss is built around some grassy, tree-filled expanses (the Grove and the Circle). On game day, these areas are filled with tents and overflowing with people. Most people dress up for the games. Girls wear dresses or sometimes nice pants, boys usually wear khakis and a button up. Blaise, who is pledging, had to wear a blazer and tie like the other pledges. People either make lots of food or get it catered. Some of the tents go all out...they bring flat screens so they can watch other games, or even hire live bands. Plus there is lots of drinking (therefore lots of funny drunk college students).

We went to the game after the grove, but only stayed until was freezing! We were all huddled up under blankets.

This is Mike, one of Bechs good friends from ceramics at Ole Miss. He is a grad student, and he is really good. Plus, he's getting married next spring!

Here is my "frat-tastic" brother!

We had a blast...the grove can be a little overwhelming sometimes, but I think everyone should get to experience it at least once in their life!


Courtney said...

Do you remember our first trip to the Grove? We we sooo under dressed. Oh well, live and learn, right? :)

Mary Mel said...

What did Blaise pledge?