Saturday, October 10, 2009


Bech and I have been enjoying living in Jackson. Belhaven is such a fun neighborhood and we are exploring places around it. One fun place we have found is Underground 119. It's actually downtown (so only about 5 minutes from our house). It's a jazz/blues bar. We went this past Thursday night and heard the Tiger Rogers Quartet...they were great.

I've been to the Thai house several times with students. This restaurant is amazing. So far, I've stuck with the coconut soup and pad thai, but next time I'm getting the red curry.

This has nothing to do with Jackson, but I just recently bought my first sewing machine. I know, its kinda dorky that it's the Project Runway edition, but I loved everything about this machine, including the price. Brothers are what they use on Project Runway, so they put the logo on the machine. But it works great...I just started working on my curtains. My moms machine just broke, so we are actually both part owners of this machine. He has been christened "Andre"...if you watched second season of PR, you'll know why!

Finally, Christmas is out at the stores! Well not all of them. But Hobby Lobby has all of their christmas stuff out (including fake trees and wreaths)...I had to resist buying ornaments today! Plus Bath and Body Works has tons of Christmas/Fall scented candles/soups/etc. I am loving it all!


Alison said...

I love the Andre sewing machine! I'm also having a hard time resisting Christmas, but adding extra "fall" decor has helped :-)

Liz T. said...

nice choice! I have the same sewing machine!