Friday, July 23, 2010

This may be my most boring post ever. But when Karen Braden looks at you and says, "You really need a new post...maybe even some food pictures," you know you just have to put something up!

We are moving away in one week. OH MY GOODNESS! I am so stressed and nervous. But we do have a place to live, and for that I am extremely grateful.

And my to do list has gotten extremely shorter. Here is all that's left to do:

* sell my car (we are selling my Civic and just taking Bech's Colorado to Vermont)--a little side note: you may remember that Bech and I have trouble selling cars. Not sure why. But pray that this one will sell sooner than our Malawi one!

* cancel our current health insurance

* change addresses for bills, netflix, etc.

* finish Latin--I've been working through Wheelock's Latin this past year to make sure my grammar is up to par. I only have 5 more chapters to go!

* send off our old laptop to apple to be recycled (okay, that's probably not blog worthy--well none of this is--but it's on my actual to do list)

* return borrowed items--I have started doing this, but I still have some things to return!

And finally, because what would a post be without a picture, I have posted one from the latest camera import. Needless to say, I did not take this picture nor did I even know it was taken. My food pictures are of good food about to be eaten.

Bech, on the other hand, likes to artfully arrange fresh just never know with him...

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