Wednesday, August 11, 2010

update from up north...

so we're here. we've actually been here for a week and 2 days! and i would love to post and show you all life up here. but we don't have internet in our apartment yet :( it is actually really frustrating, because it is not due to us at all. the housing office is supposed to give us a special modem, but they don't have any in right now. so we are without internet.

i do have internet on my new phone, and that is helpful. but if you've ever used your phone to check email and such, you know there's a lot you can't do that way. right now we are at the UVM library checking mail.

we are mostly unpacked, which feels great. really i should say we are all the way unpacked. we worked really hard the first few days here to get everything all together.

our favorite thing so far is definitely the food up here! we have been to two farmer's markets and have been eating amazing things. the tomatos are great up here right now. and we got some grass fed beef for a great price, so we have had hamburgers twice. i am sure there will be plenty of food posts in the next two years! (sorry, mom!)

right now we are in the process of looking for jobs. i am going to try to get a part time job while in school. i have applied to three stores (2 this morning) and hopefully will hear back soon!

well our meter is running out, so i better go! i will post again (with pictures!) when we have internet.

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