Friday, August 20, 2010

new post...with pictures!

Well, we have internet at our apartment, sort of...It goes out a lot, which I hope will straighten out. But I'm going to try to get some pictures up online while it's working.

Here's our living room...I have most of those pictures the way I like them. There is a picture that Bech is matting tonight that will go in the corner, a little to the left and above the print of the woman in a chair.

Our bookshelf doesn't quite fit with everything, so we settled on this configuration. You can't get into those bottom four squares of books on the left without moving the couch, but we put books there that we don't use very often.

The curtains are not supposed to look like that...I just haven't gotten the hardware to hang them yet! And I'm not watching "That 70's Show"...I actually hate that show! But I had it on mute as I waited for the 3rd Harry Potter movie to come on afterward.

I just painted my dresser "Mint Whisper," which is a really light blue, and I am in love with it!

And finally, our bedding, which I still absolutely adore. It seriously makes me happy every single morning.

That's all I've got of the apartment so far. We were cooking dinner when I took the pictures, so the kitchen was a mess.


Bethany Reine' said...

so cute, love all the painted furniture-that's my favorite thing to do!

no baby yet but my mom is on her way into town. i am SO glad she will be here to deliver yet another robbins boy!!

Kate said...

makes me feel so great to see my painting up on a wall, that's not mine :) loveee this house.

Emily said...

it looks cute! you'll have to post some things about what you learn in your classes for those of us who are unashamedly nerdy.