Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Isn't summer supposed to be relaxing?

Just kidding, life late has been a lot more calm than the school year.

But we do have a lot on our plate right now.  Bech is working on having a pottery sale at the end of July here in Baton Rouge.  I am packing and planning our move.

Plus, I am job hunting.  Oh the job hunting.  There are NO Latin teaching job openings in or around State College, PA.  Actually there really aren't many towns around State College, so that makes the pickings very slim.  

And, according to Craigslist, unless I want to drive trucks, act in adult movies, or watch movies with a rich shy man, there really isn't much out there.

(Actual Craigslist ad)

That's not totally true.  There is the University, so I am literally applying for every possible job there.  I am praying that one of those will work out!  I know that I can't do what I really want to (teach Latin) so I am open to really any job within the University.  That way I will get great benefits, a good amount of vacation time, and can take an upper level Latin or Greek class (to keep my reading up) for a majorly discounted amount.

Jack and I have been spending a lot of time at home the past couple of weeks, while I pack and work on applications.  But we do get cabin fever.  Our complex has a pool, which has been great.  We've hit up the splash pad a couple of times.

But one of my new favorite "treats" is going to Burger King for a 50¢ cone.  There is one about 2 minutes from us with an inside play place.  Plus they have one of those new drink machines which lets me make cherry vanilla diet dr. pepper.  

(I have a major weakness for fountain drinks.  MAJOR.  It's why I love Sonic so much.)

Yup, we're big fans.

I'm also planning a small (mostly) family party for Jack on Saturday afternoon.  His two year old birthday is Friday (seriously?  How is this possible?), but we're going to celebrate with family the next day.

He wants a Mickey Party and I am happy to oblige.  I am keeping it simple: BBQ brisket, coleslaw, potato casserole, and Mickey Mouse cupcakes.  He will just be so happy to see all of his grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Here's my little (almost) two year old.  I was pulling things out of his closet and packing them, and he freaked out when I tried to pack his bumbo and laugh and learn table.  Nevermind that I put that table up at Christmas time and he's never noticed it's gone, or that he never liked his bumbo as a baby and probably sat in it 5 times.  I managed to eventually pack the activity table, but the chair is still sitting in his room.  

I better get back to work.  There are rich shy men out there just waiting for my resume!


Sheryl said...

The boys still do that with their old toys! It drives me crazy, I have to hide stuff when I get rid of it! Can't wait to see you all next week!

Courtney said...

I love shady Craigslist ads like that. They are so awesome. :)