Thursday, June 13, 2013

San Diego

Finally, my post on our trip to San Diego!

First of all, we went to San Diego to visit our friends, Josh and Emily Ketchum.  Emily and I actually met first via email.  They were going to be living and teaching at ABC in Malawi while we were there, so we got in touch.  And then, because of lack of housing on campus, both the Ketchums and we were bumped off campus to an apartment complex (which was a scary thought!).

But it ended up being the best thing.  We got so close to Josh and Emily.  We ate with them probably twice a week, even when we both were moved on campus half year.

Em and I did all of our shopping together.  We went on a safari with my sister.  We got a pedicure once a month.  

They were our best friends there and we have missed them!

We have been planning to take this trip for a while, but someone was always pregnant.  Then we were in grad school.  Finally, we got to be reunited!

We had an absolutely amazing time.  We ate and laughed and saw TONS of cool San Diego sites.

Here are some pictures:

Jack did amazing on the plane rides.  I was super nervous, but he either played with his toys, napped, or watched movies and played games on his Kindle Fire. This picture is actually from the way back, but all four plane rides were great!

Job and Jack in their matching pj's.  Jack LOVED "Jobey."  He still asks for him at least once a day.  

Emily and I at Yogurt Mill, an El Cajone spot.  We used to always go to Mamma Mia's and get gelatto (while we were out shopping), so this was our American version.

The boys with Josh.  Jack thought he was so big sitting on this "truck."

Bech and Josh.  I love this picture, because it shows how different they are.  Josh is a surfer, so Californian.  And here Bech has on his JCrew and Gap with his masters hat.  But they get along so well.

I think this was from Ocean Beach.

I only had two things I really wanted to do:  Old Town and In N' Out Burger.  Here we are getting some yummy burgers.  In N' Out totally lived up to the hype!

Typical picture with kids!  We took the ferry from Coronado to Seaport Village.  

Jack was so excited to be on a boat!

Job and Zoe...Um, I love them.  Seriously, these are two of the sweetest, funniest kids.  We had the best time getting to know them.

At the Mission.

Job was OBSESSED with his "tick."  He wanted to take it everywhere.

Jack chowing down on some chips in Old Town.  This restaurant was so yummy!

Josh and Emily gave Jack a Mexican poncho.  Here he is thanking Emily.

And Josh.  Jack absolutely loved Emily and Josh.  He thought Josh was so cool (which he is!).

We loved being with the Ketchums again and we loved getting so see where they lived.  Now it's time for a trip down South!!!

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