Friday, June 27, 2014

5 on Friday

So the blogs that I normally link up to for "5 on Friday" are doing a summer break.  But I just got back and need an outlet for all of my random thoughts!

O     N     E

I don't know why, but being pregnant is bringing out my inner B-ness.  And poor Comcast is the recipient of that attitude.

To be fair, it is their fault.  I called while in MS to schedule my internet to be turned off July 31st.  I came home to a letter and last bill that stated that...and the internet accidentally already turned off.  And I have spent 4 1/2 hours at this point trying to get everything fixed up.

Let's just say, there was a point in the conversation last Friday night in which I said, "I am pregnant, I just spent two days in the car with my 3 year old, and I just want my internet!"  

Pretty sure there is a note in the computers at Comcast that says, "Crazy pregnant lady.  Proceed with caution!"

T     W     O

I don't know how late I am to the game on this, but I just now discovered Sparkling Ice.  And my new favorite flavor?

Coconut Pineapple.  Seriously this stuff is SO good.  It's like a low calorie version of my favorite Malawi drink, Sobo Coco Pina.

T     H     R     E     E

I am enjoying having a 3 year old.  I don't know what happened when we got home, but I feel like Jack is so different.  He is struggling with whining, but I think that might just be grandparent detox (I'm afraid Bech and I are doting on him quite as much as he was used to down South!).

But to combat his whininess, he has suddenly become the best sleeper.  I know I've mentioned before how he has started doing really well going to sleep by himself at night.  I was worried that we would struggle with that after coming back from Mississippi where he slept either in the same bed or at least the same room every night.  But he has done amazing!  And not only, but suddenly the kid I had to fight to take a nap is going to sleep super easily!


And let's just be real...this 3rd trimester mom is taking a nap everyday too.  #noshame

F     O     U     R

I am missing Sonic drinks and snow cones!  We have a doctor's appointment in Hershey in a week and half and will drive through Harrisburg.  So we can stop there, and I can get my Sonic fix.

But snowcones are another story.  Why, oh why, do they not sell snowcones (at least the good ones!) up here?  And why am I only pregnant in yankee, no snowcone, so Sonic land?  I need to plan this better next time!

I am a creature of habit and I usually only order strawberry shortcake with cream.  But this trip, I got really into the fresh lemon sours.  It's a pink lemonade snow cone, with salt and fresh lemon juice added to the top and halfway through.  SO good.

Any thoughts on how I could recreate this somehow at home?

F     I     V     E

I really want to get a new tote bag to take the hospital.  We have an amazing large Lands End tote, but Bech has commandeered it for himself.  He actually told me I could have it back and he would get a new  That's not how it works.  Plus, it probably has clay in it.  No thanks.

Lands End had the cutest striped tote bags earlier this year, and now they are all gone!  Any thoughts on where I could find a cute bag? 

I want something sturdy, at least medium sized (preferably large), bright colored, and not crazy expensive.  

Here's the style I like from Land's End.  Anyone seen anything similar anywhere?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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