Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Catching up

I feel like my blog needs a non baby/pregnancy post!  
So here is a quick update on the last 4 or 5 weeks:

M   O   V   I   N  G

Well, we are officially moved!  Yay!  We had lots of help and lots of time (we drug it out over 4 days). I am so glad to be done!  

And we are LOVING living in grad housing.  We love meeting all of the new neighbors, who are from all over!  We love having lots of green space to play in, plus a playground practically in our backyard.  Jack keeps telling me how much he loves his new house.

But we downsized a TON.  There wasn't a 3 bedroom available, so we are crammed into a tiny 2 bedroom.  It has been good for us--making us go through everything and get rid of what we don't need/use.

P   L   A   Y   I   N   G

Summers up North really are delightful.  The weather, especially the past two weeks, has been amazing--high 70's and low 80's.  And State College has tons of amazing parks!  So we have been playing outside every day.

This is from the new Children's Garden at the Penn State Arboretum.  I am in love with this little garden.  It has tons of cool features for kids to play in--a wading creek, a cave with a sand pit, a caterpillar to climb on, a hollowed out tree with instruments!

Here is the inside of the tree. 

Also, Jack got called a girl while wearing this outfit.  Really?  Those are smocked pirate swim trunks!!!

I have been trying to soak up fun park time with Jack before he becomes a big brother!

T   R   I   P     T   O     D   C

After the move, Jack and I drove my little brother (who came for a visit and to help us move) down to DC for the weekend.  We also took our extra bed down to my sister and brother-in-law who are moving apartments in just a couple of weeks.

I hadn't been to the Smithsonian zoo since I was young (even though I have been to DC tons of times since then!), and we all thought Jack would enjoy going.

He loved the zoo!  His favorites were the gorillas (because he loves Tarzan the movie).  

This is a great zoo to go to.  They have lots of good animals--pandas, lions, cheetahs, monkeys, gorillas, tigers, etc.  Plus, it's free!  

We also hit up District Taco (a Braden family favorite), Eastern Market, and Ted's Bulletin (how can I resist homemade poptarts!).

P   R   E   P     F   O   R     B   A   B   Y

And finally, I have been doing some prep to get ready for Baby #2.  The boys room is almost all put together, the cloth diapers have been resized to fit an infant, clothes and blankets are washed and put up, and the baby's bag is packed!

All that is left to do is install the car seat, set up the crib, pack my bag, and make some freezer meals!

I haven't really mentioned this on here, but I am shooting for a VBAC this time around.  Bech and I have hired a doula.  My neighbor, who loves yoga, has started doing some prenatal yoga with me.  I am trying to drink red raspberry leaf everyday.  Of course, I make it into sweet iced tea!

So that's what our summer has been like lately!

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Callie Nicole said...

Sheesh, non of his clothes look like girl clothes! Very boyish outfits. People are crazy. I can't believe how big Jack is getting - he is so cute!