Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gil at 2 Months

Gil actually turned two months old almost 2 weeks ago.  At least I took the pictures then, right?

Sweet Baby Gil is two months old!  I know it's trite, but these first two months have flown by!

Gil is a tall string bean.  He weighs 12 pounds (40%) and is 24 1/2 inches long (96%).  For comparison, Jack was about 14 pounds at 2 months.  This guy just isn't the chunk that his big brother was!  But he is every bit as tall.  If you know Bech and I in real life, this is strange, because neither one of us is extremely tall.  Not sure why we have these tall kiddos!

Gil still fits into some 0 to 3 month clothes, but we are in mostly 3 to 6 month clothes now.  He is just so long that we need the extra length!  His cloth diapers are set to a pretty small size, but we bought some size two disposable diapers the other day.

This month Gil started smiling.  He is happiest in the morning or right when he eats (who isn't?).  He gives me the sweetest smiles when he wakes up!

We have given sweet Gil lots of nicknames:  Gilly boy, Gilly bean, and (my creation and personal favorite) Gilbo Baggins.

Likes: cuddles, smiling, baths

Dislikes: being cold, changing clothes, getting buckled into his car seat

We are back into Babywise this time around.  He is on a 3 hour schedule.  We start the day about 7 a.m. (give or take 15 minutes).  He goes down for a nap (or he has to sleep on the way to drop Jack off at school!) at 8.  He can only handle about an hour of wake time.  He eats at 7 a.m., 10 a.m., 1 a.m., 3:30 or 4 p.m. (I vary this because we have to get Jack at 4).  We usually cluster feed at 6 and then 8 p.m.  He goes down for the night and gets a dream feed at about 10:30.  He's been pretty regularly giving me a 5 hour stretch, which means he only wakes up once after his dream feed!  But some nights, he wakes up more than that.

He had a week or two of bad naps, but he seems to be over that.  One thing I was great at with Jack but not so good at with Gil is putting him to bed awake.  We would swaddle Jack and lay him down, and he would fall right to sleep.  But Gil has a different temperament.  We swaddle him and hold him until he is drowsy or asleep and then lay him down.

I'm constantly surprised by how different than Jack he is.  First of all, he looks so different!  His eyes are completely different.  The jaundice is almost completely gone, so we can tell that he definitely has different coloring.  And that hair...so dark!  He looks so much like Bech to me!

But more than that, they are so different in temperament.  Jack was such an easy baby.  I was reading Jack's 3 month update the other day.  In it, I wrote, "There are days that go by where I hear him cry maybe once (and usually only cause he woke up from a nap!).  I am so thankful that he is such a good baby--it makes my crazy schedule a little easier.  Of course, I do know this means I am probably due for a colic-y baby next time around! (I was a second child and had colic!)"

Y'all...so true.  We have definitely had an adjustment with this little guy.  He cries a lot more.  It was really tough at first, because I kept trying, to no avail, to fix things.  But Gil is just more of a crier.  I think we are over our colicky days, for the most part, but he still is just much fussier.  But he is absolutely the sweetest, and I wouldn't trade him for the world!

Happy 2 months, Baby Gil!

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