Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

My favorite post!

O     N     E

We have had a rough last couple of weeks.  After Gil was born, he was jaundiced for almost 3 months, because he wasn't hemolysing my blood (and he had a positive Coomb's test).  Please don't ask me what that means, because I don't totally know.  Anyway, in December, after 4 blood test to check his bilirubin levels, my pediatrician suggested we also test his liver function, just because we hadn't done that yet and his bili levels had been elevated for so long.

His liver enzyme levels came back high, but our doctor wasn't worried.  He just figured it was because of those bili levels and that the enzyme levels would go back down.  He told us to test again in January.

But in January, those levels had more than doubled!  So last Friday, Bech and I took Gil to a bigger hospital in Danville, about 1 hour and 15 minutes away.

The doctor there didn't seem too worried about Gil's levels, because he looks healthy and he is a really happy baby.  A lot of the things that could be wrong because of high levels would result in a jaundiced baby (and all of his jaundice is gone) with other signs that Gil doesn't have.

They drew a bunch more blood (arm draws on babies are officially the WORST) and we have a liver ultrasound test next week.  It may be that the enzymes just clear themselves up (and they have already gone down a little!) and that's that.  We can then just assume that Gil had some little virus that inflamed his liver and his body took care of it.  That is what we are hoping for, and that is what the doctor is thinking it is right now.

Here's sweet Gil after being poked, prodded, and having a ridiculous amount of blood drawn.  
This kid is a trooper!

T     W     O

Weight Watchers is still going well.  As of this past Sunday, my weigh in day, I have lost of 8 pounds in 4 weeks.   Not bad!

I am aware that things will get a little more difficult soon.  Right now I get 14 extra points a day because I am exclusively breastfeeding.  But Gil will be on to solids soon, and I will lose 7 of those extra points.  But I'm hoping it will get slightly warmer by then and maybe I can earn some activity points by walking.

T     H     R     E     E

Do any of y'all do swagbucks?  My sister got me started on it in November.  I earned some Amazon gift cards and used those for Christmas presents.

This year, I have gotten pretty serious about it.  Since the beginning of the year, I have earned almost $100.  I am trying to save up and pay for all of Christmas with it, as well as buy some airline miles.

In case you don't know what it is, you can sign up here, through my referral link. You get points by searching the web, filling out surveys, watching videos, etc.  I have earned so much by using the mobile app.  When I am home and connected to wifi, I just set my phone to run through the videos.  I make the daily goal each day, and I earn extra points each month for that.  

F     O     U     R

This is our outside view for right now!

There is so much snow!  And the temperature is staying so cold that it isn't melting.

I actually don't mind it too much.  I think snow is gorgeous, and our apartment is toasty warm inside.  We keep the kids bundled up really well.  The only not fun part is starting the car in the morning.  Today is was 12 degrees when we left the house!

F     I     V     E

While I don't mind the cold, I am still really excited about spring break.  Jack has a week off of school and we are headed back down south (thank you frequent flier miles!).

I literally got giddy the other day as I realized what always opens during spring break...Miss Gussies!  You can see evidence of my snow cone love here.  I'm pretty sure eating a lot of snow cones will not work with Weight Watchers, but I plan on splurging on one or two fresh lemon sours.

I also plan on enjoying the warm weather!  We have been so bundled up here.  It will be nice to put the boys in some warmer clothes, because that probably won't happen in PA until maybe late April (but more likely May).  And Jack is so excited to get so see all of his grandparents!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  We have lots of plans--a party tonight for a friend, a hair cut tomorrow, and a girls night tomorrow, plus lots of job application filling out for Bech!

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