Friday, April 29, 2016

5 on Friday: Podcast Edition

I am fairly new to the podcast world.  I started listening to my first a little over a year ago, and only recently have (maybe 3 months ago?) have started listening to more.  I am obsessed!  I love to listen while cleaning or while cooking.  Honestly, I feel like I clean even more now because I know I can listen to my podcasts then.

I know some people listen to super serious podcasts, but my list is a little more lighthearted than that!  So here are my current top 5 podcasts:

Big Boo Cast

I've actually blogged before about my love for this podcast.  It's put on by two of my favorite bloggers, Big Mama and Boo Mama.  I've been reading their blogs for almost 9 years now.  

This podcast is just like listening to a phone call between two good friends.  It's rarely serious, but it's oh so fun.  The most often a new podcast comes out is once a month.  I like that.  It's easy to keep up with all of the episodes, and it's rare enough that it feels like a treat when a new one comes out!

I found out earlier this week that I am on the launch team for Boo Mama's newest book, so be looking for more news about that!

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

My sweet friend Amanda (C.  I have a lot of Amanda's in my life) has been telling me about this podcast for over a year.  Another Amanda (S.) started chiming in.  I finally gave in, and I LOVE it.

Jamie Ivey basically just has a happy hour-esque conversation with a woman once a week.  She is an incredible host.  I usually end up feeling like I'm bff with both women.  Plus, I always end up learning about a new book, podcast, website to check out.

If you are interested in listening to this podcast, I would suggest looking through the archives on itunes.  There are some great past episodes (I enjoyed Jennie Allen, Jen Hatmaker, and Emily Lex).  Plus subscribe to the new episodes.

What Should I Read Next

Here's another one that has been suggested to me for months.  I just now started listening (as in a week ago) and I am already a huge fan.

Anne Bogel, or Modern Mrs. Darcy, hosts this blog.  Her guests tell her three books they love (and they talk about why they love those books), one book they hate, and what they are reading now.  Anne then gives three book suggestions for them.

What I love: This podcast is short, about 22 or 23 minutes.  Sometimes the super long podcasts seem overwhelming to me, so I love the shorter length.  Also, I am loving learning about these books!  I have listened to 4 or 5 episodes and already have a long list for my next library visit.

Personality Hacker

Do you have friends that are just amazing at recommendations?  Apparently the Amanda's are that way with me.  Amanda (S. this time) sent me to this podcast.

Personality Hacker is co hosted (I believe they are married) and is ALL about Myers Briggs.  You may think, oh that just gives them 16 episodes.  But they delve a little deeper, talking about love, motivation, energy, etc.

Heads up, I don't listen to all of these.  I only listen to the podcasts that deal with my type (ESTJ) and Bech's (ISFP).  Unless you are super into Myers Briggs, I would suggest the same.  But you will walk away from each podcast feeling like you understand a whole lot more about yourself and how you interact with others.

Here To Make Friends

This is a HuffPost podcast all about the Bachelor (and Bachelor adjacent shows).  I love to listen to this each week after the new episodes.  Bachelorette starts up soon, so I will be listening yet again to this fun podcast.

I love this podcast because it's snarky (their word) but also informative.  The hosts know this show and this business.  They have done their research.  I always feel like I know a little more about the process after listening.  If Personality Hacker is educational, this podcast is a total guilty pleasure!

So there's my list of current podcast faves.  What about y'all?  Any recommendations?  Keep in mind, these are all pretty light.  I haven't done Serial (and don't really want to!).  Please, give me suggestions!

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