Friday, July 22, 2016

5 on Friday!

I have been completely MIA lately.  We traveled to Mississippi for two weeks (just got back Wednesday night) and have been trying to soak up every minute of summer.  So here's what's up this week:

O     N     E

Already, I am LOVING this 5 year old age.  Jack is hilarious and witty, polite and (mostly) obedient.  He has been a joy.  And traveling with him?  So good!  I would say that the only times I had to correct him were because I couldn't watch Gil (who was not fun to travel with) and help him with whatever he wanted at the moment.  Other than that, he was great!

I snapped this picture at the Atlanta airport during our layover.  Chewbacca book bag? Check! Tintin book? Check!  So of course, this calls for laying on the airport floor to get some reading in.

T     W     O

Our summer CSA from Intervale Community Farm has been incredible!  This week, we got lots of flowers, two basil plants, parsley sprigs, scallions, onions, lettuce (mixed greens and a head of romaine), squash and zucchini, chard, unlimited green beans, and tomatoes.  Local, organic produce for $17?  That's a great deal!

I've already got basil growing like crazy on my back porch, so I decided to make a big batch of pesto.  I shared this on instagram, but when I make pesto, I freeze it in this silicon mini muffin pan.  When it's frozen all the way, I pop it out and throw it in a freezer bag.  We use it all winter long for pizza, chicken, and pasta.

I'm quite partial to Ina Garten's pesto recipe.  I don't add walnuts, so I just double the amount of pine nuts.

T     H     R     E     E

Thursday night, we went to our first Summervale of the year.  It started back up two weeks ago but we were gone.  Summer vale is down the street from our CSA pickup.  It's a community event with live music and food vendors, plus a face painter.  The kids can run around and I can drink Citizen Cider with friends.  Win win.

Is anyone surprised that Jack is Harry Potter, yet again?

F     O     U     R

I took these pictures a few weeks ago but haven't shared them yet.  For Christmas, my grandparents gave the boys a pass to Shelburne Museum.  We went for the first time on Jack's birthday, and we are obsessed!  We've already been three times and I think we are heading there again tomorrow morning.

We always end up spending lots of time at the Owl Cottage.  It has crafts for the kids, lots of toys, and dress up!  Jack looks like a member of the Hamilton cast here.  

Gil wanted to get in on the dress up action too.

F     I     V     E

I turned 31 at the beginning of this month.  I decided that for my birthday I wanted to pick strawberries and eat wood fired pizza with some friends.  It ended up being a perfect afternoon/night.

We went to Norris Berry Farm in Monkton for strawberries and Folino's for pizza.

So that's what we've been up to in Vermont.  I just uploaded lots of Mississippi pictures so I will post on that soon!

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