Monday, March 31, 2008

anyone want a new pet?

well, my mother told me my blog needed a new post, so here goes...

bech and i have two pets, a dog and a cat.  both need homes for next year!  ideally we would love to find people that would keep either animal for a year, then let us have that animal back when we return.  but we know that is extremely unlikely, so we are okay with just giving the animals away for good.

marmalade is an orange and white striped cat.  he is less than a year old and is litter box trained.  he is sweet and cuddly.  we have him as a half indoor/half outdoor cat, but i think he could do well being either full time.

juno is a 7 month old dog.  she is full blood german pointer.  she sits, shakes, lays down, all that good stuff on command.  she is also house and kennel trained.  right now, she stays in her kennel during the day, and plays outside and inside when we get home from work.  she has never had an inside accident.  she is very sweet and loving, and really really cute.

so if anyone is interested, please let me know!  or if you know a family that is interested, please put them in touch with me.  my number is 601-757-9094.

i was going to add some pictures, but my computer is being mucho i will add some later...


Nancy Page said...

i was telling jadie about how you're giving away your pets (yeah im a creeper that reads blogs but doesn't respond to them) and she asked why your parents wouldn't take them. then i explained that, why i didn't have an explanation per se, i was pretty sure that two marmalade's might be just a tad too confusing.

girl, you crazy. ps check out my sweet new sweatshirt (on my blog, which is never read/rarely updated). it has 3 tridelta dolphins.

Katherine said...

i didn't even know y'all had a dog! sad! i would take them for a year for you if i could! but i'm gonna be in a dorm again next year, so i guess i can't. hope you find someone soon! i love y'all and i'm so excited for y'all!